Our journey in this life is filled with choices. Our Lord has asked us to search our hearts, our commitment and finally our personal relationship with Yeshua! What is he calling for us to discover? Is the reason for our search to discredit or recognize our faults and failures?

Why does God bring forward trials and tribulations in our lives? Does God do so to break us down, to crush our faith and stop our growth within our journey through these troubled times? Does God place us in a position of despair so we kneel in prayer or try to fight our wars through these trials using the world’s teachings or turn in prayer asking for heavenly wisdom.

Prayer reveals when a believer under goes a trial it is quite normal for individuals to see themselves as being weak! Or to recognize negativity within themselves! As well to lack clarity on God’s will or their path to follow!

But in any case, they must hold onto faith in Christ’s work and like Job, not deny God! We recognize Job was weak and cursed the day of his birth! Job didn’t deny all things in our lives were bestowed by Yahewa. And God is the one to take them all away!

It mattered not how Satan tested Job, he maintained this belief! In our experience, whatever the refinement through God’s words might be, God requires, in brief, man’s faith and love for Him!

What God perfects through this work is believers faith, love, and aspirations! God does the work of perfection that believers cannot see or feel; under such circumstances, your faith is required!

We find in God’s teachings. “Many believe in Me only that I might heal them. So many believe in Me only that I might use my powers to drive unclean spirits out from their bodies, and so many believe in Me simply that they might receive peace and joy from Me.

So many believe in Me only to demand from Me greater material wealth. So many believe in Me just to spend this life in peace and to be safe and sound in the world to come.

So many believe in Me to avoid the suffering of hell and to receive the blessings of heaven. So many believe in Me only for temporary comfort, yet do not seek to gain anything in the world to come.

When I brought down My fury upon man and seized all the joy and peace he once possessed, man became doubtful. When I gave unto man the suffering of hell and reclaimed the blessings of heaven, man’s shame turned into anger.

When man asked Me to heal him, I paid him no heed and felt abhorrence toward him; man left me to seek the aid of evil medicine and sorcery. When I took away all that man had asked of Me, everyone disappeared without a trace.

Thus, I say that man has faith in Me because I gave too much grace, and there is far too much to gain.

The past experiences reveal how beneficial hardships can be for our growth in life. When we are faced with a fatal malady in our lives, it is God testing us, it’s for our salvation.

“Job did not talk of trades with God, and he did not make any requests nor demands of God. He praised God’s name because of His power and authority in ruling all things. His praise was not dependent on his own blessings or woes. He believed that whether a man receives blessings or woes from God, God’s authority will not change, and thus, regardless of a person’s circumstances, God’s name should be praised.

That man is blessedly because of God’s sovereignty, and it is also by God’s sovereignty that man is scourged. God’s power and authority rule and arrange man’s everything; the vagaries of fate are manifestations of God’s power and authority, and regardless of one’s viewpoint, God’s name should be praised.

This is what Job experienced and learned throughout his life. All of Jobs thoughts and actions reached the ears of God and arrived before God, and were seen as important by God.

God cherished this knowledge of Job, and treasured Job for having such a heart. This heart waited for God’s command at any time and placc, and was ready to receive whatever comes to him. Job made no demands of God.

What he demanded of himself was to wait for, accept, face, and obey all of the arrangements that came from God; Job believed this to be his duty, and it was precisely what was wanted by God.

For Job’s heart was pure, and not hidden from God, his humanity was honest and kind, and he loved justice and positive things. Only a man like this with such a heart and humanity could follow the way of God, and be capable of fearing God and shunning evil.

Such a man could see God’s sovereignty, authority and power, and achieve his obedience to His rule and arrangements. Only a man such as this could truly praise God’s name.

That is because he knew all rested in God’s hands, and did not think of blessings or disasters. He knew man’s worries are signs of foolishness, ignorance, lack of reason, of doubt toward the fact God’s sovereignty and control over all things, and also of not fearing God. Job’s knowledge was precisely what God wanted.”

Job’s faith was tremendous what he’d gotten from his hard work was, in fact, all given to him by God.

What a great sharing today; God’s words are true! Robert a humble obedient servant to Yeshua and his Father in heaven Yahewa.

About Yeshua's Watchman

Yeshua, as a Watchman. This I pray for all. ” Our Heavenly Father brings us to the river which bringeth forth fruit so we may partake of its sustenance and be filled spiritually with nurturing wisdom and humble dedication in service to Yeshua. “Blessings to All.” As you go forward in peace, knowledge, and strength
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