This question has plagued man over the decades. “Why does God allow sickness?”

Many will find the answer is similar to the question “Why does God send people to hell?” He doesn’t and you may be surprised to learn God does not allow sickness to prevail.

I am bringing Pastor Bob Woodward’s June 29th, 2022 release Good morning from Branson Mo. The temperature is 54 and the forecast high is 90. … . The Lord is gracious, He is love 💘, the question, how can a person or God who is Good and His very character which is love allow the evil and sickness that is becoming more prevalent to exist? Why do bad things happen to Good people? Yes, there is a strong, relevant answer….. It goes to who we were, and whose we are, what we are, and what we will become. …. Father place within us the desire to seek the truths of your word and what it tells us of our world today. Put within us a burning zeal for the gospel and a love for the lost. Father awaken us to the hour in which we live
In ❤ Jesus name make it so, Amen.

The following is what I believe the Holy Spirit revealed through scripture is the answer to the statement Pastor Woodward makes about the position and character of mankind and who they might be spiritually following.

The following from the Holy Spirit will show God is not permitting sickness or plagues. You should discern it is men due to disobedience and misguided teachings outside of God’s laws are what maintains the current condition of many within today’s world.

AMEN and AMEN Blessings man of God, those in the world seek answers they cannot discern when received as they have not a spirit to do so. Those who with the Spirit can discern the answer. Many wish for peace and talk loudly for it, who do not follow the things that make for peace. Meekness, humility, self-denial, and love, make for peace.

We will understand our hearts are desirous of worldly things, cry for them, and are fond of them; but, by the grace of God, a soul that is made holy, is weaned from these things.

The doctrine of grace and salvation by the gospel, is for all ranks and conditions of men. It teaches to forsake sin; to have no more to do with it. An earthly, sensual conversation suits not a heavenly calling. It teaches to make conscience of that which is good.

We must look to God in Christ, as the object of our hope and worship.
Those who fall short of God’s laws will suffer his promise made in Deuteronomy 28:15-44 If we do not keep God’s commandments, we not only come short of the blessing promised, but we lay ourselves under the curse, which includes all misery, as the blessing all happiness.

Observe the justice of this curse. It is not a curse causeless, or for some light cause. The extent and power of this curse. Wherever the sinner goes, the curse of God follows; wherever he is, it rests upon him. Whatever he has is under a curse. All his enjoyments are made bitter; he cannot take any true comfort in them, for the wrath of God mixes itself with them.

Those who are able to discern know and receive the truth. It is God’s will we abide in Him and receive the promises brought forward in Psalm 91:1-16 He that by faith chooses God for his protector, shall find all in him that he needs or can desire. And those who have found the comfort of making the Lord their refuge, cannot but desire that others may do so.

The spiritual life is protected by Divine grace from the temptations of Satan, which are as the snares of the fowler, and from the contagion of sin, which is a noisome pestilence. Great security is promised to believers in the midst of danger. Wisdom shall keep them from being afraid without cause, and faith shall keep them from being unduly afraid. Whatever is done, our heavenly Father’s will is done; and we have no reason to fear.

God’s people shall see, not only God’s promises fulfilled, but his threatenings. Then let sinners come unto the Lord upon his mercy-seat, through the Redeemer’s name; and encourage

Whatever happens, nothing shall hurt the believer; though trouble and affliction befall, it shall come, not for his hurt, but for good, though for the present it be not joyous but grievous.

Those who rightly know God, will set their love upon him. They by prayer constantly call upon him. His promise is, that he will in due time deliver the believer out of trouble, and in the mean time be with him in trouble. The Lord will manage all his worldly concerns, and preserve his life on earth, so long as it shall be good for him.

Now the world not having the Holy Spirit to bring discernment into their lives cannot understand the reason for their misfortune.

There are those in the Ecclesia who hear the truth but choose to trust the world’s wisdom and will continue suffering as the Gentiles do.

What Pastor Woodward related “It goes to who we were, and whose we are, what we are, and what we will become.

Identifies who is allowing sin and sickness to prevail and escalate as the world becomes even more sinful.

Multitudes will understand their hearts are desirous of worldly things, cry for them, and are fond of them; but, only by the grace of God, a soul that is made holy, is weaned from these things.

In this statement it becomes clear who is allowing sin and sickness to thrive and continue tormenting those not abiding with God.

Here we again see how coping with God brings individuals through their rationalizing and justifications of their actions, would fall under “Intellectual Assent, Passive submission,and outside of God’s laws thus having Deuteronomy 28:15-44 applied to their walk. Something to note here, the application of this curse is by walking in sin a consensual act, which most do not realize, and blame God for their current situation. Time to take an honest look and admit whose the one allowing sin and sickness to prevail.

As a Watchman I bring this prayer before you to hear and discern.


Please note, as we are drawing to the conclusion of this article I am including a link whereby those who may be seeking the Lord or possibly desire too refresh your commitment with Yeshua will be introduced to Him. https://youtu.be/-xNjCv6eTbA

Pray for all. Robert Rombough

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Yeshua, as a Watchman. This I pray for all. ” Our Heavenly Father brings us to the river which bringeth forth fruit so we may partake of its sustenance and be filled spiritually with nurturing wisdom and humble dedication in service to Yeshua. “Blessings to All.” As you go forward in peace, knowledge, and strength
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