This article was written and posted June 22,2018. As a warning to the people of the USA and ignored.

Today if you look at what really is happening in the Republic of the United States of America politically you may find cracks in the system similar to those the 500-year-old Roman Empire suffered just before it’s fall. The reason I say this when you look at the symptoms they almost if overlaid would mirror each other. The only difference is in the vernacular usage of slave and migrant workers. Let’s look at some ideas speculated of why the fall and later compare them to modern day USA’s political problems.
Possible Major Causes:
• The conflict between the Emperor and the Senate
• A weakening of the emperor’s authority (after Christianity the Emperor was no longer seen as a god)
• Political Corruption – there was never a clear-cut system for choosing a new emperor, leading the ones in power to “sell” the position to the highest bidder.
• Money wasting – the Romans were very fond of their prostitutes and orgies and wasted a lot of money on lavish parties, as well as their yearly “games.”
• Slave labor and price competition – Large, wealthy farm owners used slaves to work their farms, allowing them to farm cheaply, in contrast to smaller farmers who had to pay their workmen and could not compete price wise. Farmers had to sell their farms, leading to high unemployment figures.
• Economic Decline – After Marcus Aurelius, the Romans stopped expanding their empire, causing a decrease of gold coming into the realm. The Romans, however, kept spending, causing coinmakers to use less gold, decreasing the value of money.
• Military expenditures – Because they wasted so much money and had to defend their borders all the time, the Government focused more on military spending than building houses or other public works, which enraged the people. Many stopped volunteering for the army, forcing the government to employ hired mercenaries, which were expensive, highly unreliable and ended up turning against the Roman Empire.
• A stop in technological advancement – The Romans were great engineers but did not focus on how to produce goods more effectually to provide to their growing population.
• The Eastern Empire – The Roman Empire was divided in an Eastern and Western empire that drifted apart, making the realm easier to manage, but also weaker. Maybe the empire’s rapid expansion was its own downfall in the end.
• Civil War and Barbarian Invasion – Civil war broke out in Italy, and the smaller Roman army had to focus all of its attention there, leaving the borders wide open for the barbarians to attack and invade. Barbarian bandits made travel in the empire unsafe and merchants could not get goods to the cities anymore, leading to the total collapse of the empire

Let’s look at the condition of the USA’s political scene before the 2016 election. We are looking at Obama administration.
• A conflict between the President and the Senate
• Weakening of the President’s position because of non-aggressive personal approach to international conflicts.
• The Presidency became two things, one more of a popularity contest than who could actually lead and second those in power would support the one who could buy the position.
• The out of control spending by the government placed the nation in unbearable debt.
• Immigration problems caused by insufficient laws to control border crossings possibly fueled by the southern farmers using illegal immigrants as a form of cheap labor thus lobbying the senators not to close immigration loopholes.
• Aggressive outsourcing of manufacturing through over taxing and restrictive regulations. The US became an importer instead of exporter and manufacturing ceased causing colossal unemployment and dependency on social assistance.
• Unfair trading practices and poor economic management of economy caused money to come under attack as the international monetary currency causing weakness in its value.
• Reduction of Military budgets weakened the ability of the military to conduct itself in a position of strength thus causing the world not to see America as a Super Power.
• The loss of manufacturing had a ripple effect in the technology field causing a slow down of technical advancement.
• Having a weak foreign policy weakened the trade deals putting together deals with adversary countries weakened the US internationally. Weak, indecisive leaders caused a weakened world image.

Now let’s look at the conditional comparison after President Trump was elected:
• Conflict within Senate between Dems and GOP no partisanship to pass necessary bills and budgets. Appointments to courts being held up or slowed down.
• Leadership being strengthened with stronger morals being returned to White House in spite of obstruction by Obama staff holdovers.
• Uncovering of Political Corruption within the top policing agencies in an attempt to overthrow the duly elected president causing further division among the people of America.
• MSM was becoming propaganda agencies continually attacking the President this being as brutal as the barbarians of old who attacked Travellers merchants and Rome eventually.
• Having a two-tier legal system is causing the general public to distrust the legal system. Which is the same as having a civil war as the core governing the legal system breaks down from within society then becomes confused, distraught and on the verge of civil disobedience, since there is no trust in the prosecutorial system thus boundaries, applicable laws are broken down.
• Having a strong military force in place at the ready to enforce itself on miscreant world leaders restores the international image of power and strength. Proper funding re-enforces the voluntary individuals to join thus refreshing and renewing military pride and might.
• Restoring manufacturing and removing restrictive regulations choking the production, the industry has moved America’s workforce forward. Higher wages fewer taxes more jobs available with less to be concerned about foreign powers attacking are moving Americans forward.

Is America safe again “yes” under the administration headed by Donald Trump and following the plans to grow and prosper being laid out, remember Rome began its fall when they quit expanding their territory. Did America prosper under Obama “no” would it have survived with Clinton at the Helm not very long it would have fallen as a Republic country.

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Yeshua, as a Watchman. This I pray for all. ” Our Heavenly Father brings us to the river which bringeth forth fruit so we may partake of its sustenance and be filled spiritually with nurturing wisdom and humble dedication in service to Yeshua. “Blessings to All.” As you go forward in peace, knowledge, and strength
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