How dare you tell me I am worshipping a false “Christ! How dare you tell me Yeshua will rebuke me! The sad part of these statements some offering them are identified as believers. Please note I only identify them as believers not as followers.

Realize the Apostles faced the same anger, the same fervent desire for them to be stopped or destroyed.

My answer to your fervent rebuttal is a simple request. The Lord revealed these questions would be flung, in some cases in anger, of course many will be filled with hatred for the messengers.

Ask those in God’s true service how many have suffered some form of the world’s wrath and malice.

Nowhere in Scripture, can I find where it says those in the world love hearing about God’s truth.

Like the Apostles, those using the left foot then the right foot to move forward in Yeshua’s footsteps. Will endure the same response as the Apostles did. You see, you will be delivering the same message as the Apostles did, that Yeshua was in death, taken down from the cross placed in a sealed tomb, three days later was raised from His death, left the tomb and walked among men for 40 days, promised those men who would worship him and endure spreading His word; would receive the Holy Ghost.

After he was alive those 40 days for many to witness, ascended into heaven alive, and for 2022+ years, has sat “ALIVE” to the right of His Heavenly Father. As the Conqueror over death and hell (which he was in hell and can claim victory over) and the only doorway to His Father in heaven.

As humans, it is hard to comprehend being alive for 2022+ years and counting, we accept this truth, Eternity exists and proves it is so. When someone asks me if heaven exists, I state without any doubt it does. When they say prove it I say check Yeshua’s tomb it’s empty, history recorded they killed him and punctured him while still on the cross many over these 2022+ years have witnessed his tomb is empty, there is no better proof that heaven exists. I then ask prove it doesn’t prove Yeshua is not there. I just proved He is.

Here is where our comparison between the modern-day disciple’s walk and the Apostles of old is similar and compared. Both are talking about Yeshua and the Father eventually rejecting those who had or have had an opportunity to walk righteously with Him but cannot find it in their hearts to worship God as He heralds us to.

The Apostles had the Pharisees to contend with as their change was the temple age of worship was ending, and many who had dedicated their lives to this form of worship, could not accept this finality; and were willing to defend it to the bitter end even unto this day there is that remnant.

The point being introduced here is Yeshua’s modern-day disciples are facing the same opposition as the early Apostles faced, only in a different form but basically for the same reasons but with different coverings.

Both believers and followers pridefully defend their belief against the actual truth, which stands in opposition, one to customs and rituals, the other to a deception.

The work Modern-day disciples are introducing is described in Matthew 5:8
[8] Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.

I must clarify my point, those walking in the deceptions of Satan will, in Satan’s way of maintaining his grasp on those walking in his delusion, will receive in the name of their Jesus these same attributes.

It is this form of deception which causes many to remain. Here is what will be received. I would love to claim that the Holy Spirit revealed this but I must credit Matthew Henry with this commentary whom I am sure the Holy Spirit delivered to Matthew Henry.

Our Saviour here gives eight characters of blessed people, which represent to us the principal graces of a Christian

1. The poor in spirit are happy. These bring their minds to their condition when it is a low condition. They are humble and lowly in their own eyes. They see their want, bewail their guilt, and thirst after a Redeemer. The kingdom of grace is of such; the kingdom of glory is for them

2. Those that mourn are happy. That godly sorrow which worketh true repentance, watchfulness, a humble mind, and continual dependence for acceptance on the mercy of God in Christ Jesus, with constant seeking the Holy Spirit to cleanse away the remaining evil, seems here to be intended. Heaven is the joy of our Lord, a mountain of joy, to which our way is through a vale of tears. Such mourners shall be comforted by their God

3. The meek are happy. The meek are those who quietly submit to God; who can bear insult; are silent or return a soft answer; who, in their patience, keep possession of their own souls when they can scarcely keep possession of anything else. These meek ones are happy, even in this world. Meekness promotes wealth, comfort, and safety, even in this world

4. Those who hunger and thirst after righteousness are happy. Righteousness is here put for all spiritual blessings. These are purchased for us by the righteousness of Christ, confirmed by the faithfulness of God. Our desires for spiritual blessings must be earnest. Though all desires for grace are not grace, yet such a desire as this, is a desire of God’s own raising, and he will not forsake the work of his own hands

5. The merciful are happy. We must not only bear our own afflictions patiently, but we must do all we can to help those who are in misery. We must have compassion on the souls of others, and help them; pity those who are in sin, and seek to snatch them as brands out of the burning

6. The pure in heart are happy; for they shall see God. Here holiness and happiness are fully described and put together. The heart must be purified by faith and kept for God. Create in me such a clean heart, O God. None but the pure are capable of seeing God, nor would heaven be happiness to the impure. As God cannot endure to look upon their iniquity, so they cannot look upon his purity

7. The peace-makers are happy. They love, and desire, and delight in peace; and study to be quiet. They keep the peace that it be not broken, and recover it when it is broken. If the peace-makers are blessed, woe to the peace-breakers!

8. Those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake are happy. This saying is peculiar to Christianity; and it is more largely insisted upon than any of the rest. Yet there is nothing in our sufferings that can merit of God; but God will provide that those who lose for him, though life itself, shall not lose by him in the end. Blessed Jesus! how different are thy maxims from those of men of this world! They call the proud happy, and admire the gay, the rich, the powerful, and the victorious. May we find mercy from the Lord; may we be owned as his children, and inherit his kingdom. With these enjoyments and hopes, we may cheerfully welcome low or painful circumstances.

I will once more refer to Matthew 7:22-23
[22] Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?

I humbly come before you, and appeal before you peruse this verse, use your wisdom to discern, God, is providing you prior knowledge of who you are following in this delusion, you are not in Yeshua’s presence, you are not bowing your knee to him and his Father in heaven.

God is not a liar, nor would he rebuke and identify any as working iniquity unless they are; as you discern keep the 1st Commandment in mind. Exodus 20:3
[3] Thou shalt have no other gods before me.

My question perhaps the message here is Satan has had his way and deceived millions to believe they are walking with the Son of God but in reality are not, so what Yeshua is revealing in this following scripture should open our eyes because God knows the future and would place a warning before those being deceived they are not in His presence. As well He would consider those in this delusion as bowing their knee to another God. Satan’s goal is to separate us from God and to keep us there until our demise. I say the Watchman’s Trumpet is sounding loudly.

Matthew 7:[23] And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

How then do we know those who abide by these eight characteristics of grace of Christians.

I am quoting a Godly man Pastor Bob Woodward, God does answer prayer, I have been praying that the evil in this country be exposed to the point of undeniably

In this quoted article from our sister Melissa Brown, she speaks loudly about the delusion and ceremonies celebrating this False Christ. https://www.wakingupthesaints.org/post/pagan-vs-biblical-feasts

In her latest release, we hear Melissa issuing a call to be heard. “I have heard many make a statement to or ask, “Why would God create man with a sin nature and then get offended when man sins”.
Let me answer that for you. God did not create man with a “sin nature”, God created man with “Free will”, and man has used his free will to sin.
Many expect for God to design within them a set of personalities and traits, which make them more like slaves than companions. This was not God’s idea when He began to create.
When we look at how some of the angels have turned against Him and have also sinned, then it becomes clear that free will is something He gave to all His creation.
FREE WILL. Some, both spiritual and human, will use that free will by luring or trapping others into sinning. This is why we need to always be vigilant, both in the physical world and the spiritual world. You, me, our neighbors, our friends, Lucifer, the fallen angels, and all of His creation has this one thing in common…

These two, Pastor Woodward and Melissa Brown are demonstrating their walk in the eight characteristics of Christians.

This video identifies how Christians are walking in the eight characters of grace. http://romboughrobert.com/2022/03/02/video-on-living-as-a-distinct-believer-august-18-2021-7/

Strive to enter at the strait gate. This is directed to each of us; it is, Strive Ye. All that will be saved, must enter in at the strait gate, must undergo a change of the whole man. Those that would enter in, must strive to enter. Here are awakening considerations to enforce this exhortation. Oh that we may be all awakened by them! They answer the question, Are there few that shall be saved? But let none despond either as to themselves or others, for there are last who shall be first, and first who shall be last.


Heavenly Father, as humble children eager to learn we bow before your throne, pledging our spirit to you, Father, as a servant. We call on you Lord to fill us with discernment, so we may use the courage and integrity you have brought as the rock we stand on receiving the truth. We plead for strength to continue facing the truth about ourselves as we face our faults and shortcomings. Bring a wave of peace to our soul that we may go forward through all the turmoil facing our walk. Lift us up, Father, to see your glorious light shining through the darkness surrounding our world and lives. Lift the darkness from around us so we will know your presence at all times. Give us a dedicated spirit to recognize and help those who have fallen into the deception of emptiness and depression. Brighten our light so it might shine through all darkness sharpen our wisdom that we may cut all the cords emprisoning your fallen children in depression and the fear of loneliness. Bring to us the spirit of kinsmanship that we might lay down our lives for those lost and deceived. This we pray in Yeshua’s name Amen and Amen


About Yeshua's Watchman

Yeshua, as a Watchman. This I pray for all. ” Our Heavenly Father brings us to the river which bringeth forth fruit so we may partake of its sustenance and be filled spiritually with nurturing wisdom and humble dedication in service to Yeshua. “Blessings to All.” As you go forward in peace, knowledge, and strength
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