Matthew 18:20 For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.

I ponder this thought that the Lord brought through the Holy Spirit while sharing with one of my spiritually adopted sons. As we shared about Yeshua’s greatness and blessings, my son Davis (his walk is as a Bishop) announced that on Saturday, he would be baptizing twenty souls. And on Sunday celebrating the seven years of leading his ministry.

The Holy Spirit immediately brought forward this message, which most I speculate do not realize the promise Yeshua made in Matthew 18:20 would bring a deep blessing to this group and all the groups performing baptisms. That our Lord Yeshua can be present to witness this blessed moment when these soul’s confirm their entry into the domain of our Father in heaven through faith and a repentant heart.

That our Lord knowing the condition of their hearts will witness the cleansing of the new born spirit as is done with a new born child who has traveled the birth canal.

The Holy Spirit reminded me that Yeshua is our interceder and as such can and will confirm the cleansing of the Spirit from any spiritual residue which may be lingering from the cesspool of Satan by the pouring on of water.

This to some seems an insignificant action but in reality is very important as pointed out in 1John 3:22. Here is the condescension, the miracle, the mystery of Divine love, that God would redeem the church with his own blood. Surely we should love those whom God has loved, and so loved. The great promise Christ makes in his gospel to those who have repented, and have had their sins forgiven, is, they shall be baptized with the Holy Ghost; shall be purified by his graces, and refreshed by his comforts. We use the ordinances, word, and sacraments without profit and comfort, for the most part, because we have not of that Divine light within us; and we have it not because we ask it not; for we have his word that cannot fail, that our heavenly Father will give this light, his Holy Spirit, to those that ask it.

It is important to recognize the residue which may need exposure is usually identified spiritually, to be selfishness. Which in many cases is a difficult condition for many to deal with.

The Holy Spirit, is grieved at selfishness, and will leave the selfish heart without comfort, and full of darkness and terror. How can it be known that a man has a true sense of the love of Christ for perishing sinners, or that the love of God has been planted in his heart by the Holy Spirit, if the love of the world and its good overcomes the feelings of compassion to a perishing brother?

Every instance of this selfishness weakens the evidences of a man’s conversion; when habitual and allowed, it will decide against him. If conscience condemn us in known sin, or the neglect of known duty, God does so too. Let conscience therefore be well-informed, be heard, and diligently attended to.

The conversion of souls pertains unto God; therefore it is not the things of the flesh. But though there are great preachers, they cannot make one soul obedient, further than the Spirit of God accompanies their labours. They principally seek the good of those who sit in darkness. Whatever good we do, it is Christ who does it by us.

Our enlightening of Yeshua’s presence in our lives and events which I presume many take for granted is more in focus.

All are to take to themselves what Christ says in his word, and to inquire concerning it. No one is left so ignorant as not to know many things to be wrong which he does, and many things to be right which he neglects; therefore all are without excuse in their sin..

Romans 5:12-19
[12]Wherefore, as by one man sin entered into the world, and death by sin; and so death passed upon all men, for that all have sinned:
[13](For until the law sin was in the world: but sin is not imputed when there is no law.
[14]Nevertheless death reigned from Adam to Moses, even over them that had not sinned after the similitude of Adam’s transgression, who is the figure of him that was to come.
[15]But not as the offence, so also is the free gift. For if through the offence of one many be dead, much more the grace of God, and the gift by grace, which is by one man, Jesus Christ, hath abounded unto many.
[16]And not as it was by one that sinned, so is the gift: for the judgment was by one to condemnation, but the free gift is of many offences unto justification.
[17]For if by one man’s offence death reigned by one; much more they which receive abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness shall reign in life by one, Jesus Christ.)
[18]Therefore as by the offence of one judgment came upon all men to condemnation; even so by the righteousness of one the free gift came upon all men unto justification of life.
[19]For as by one man’s disobedience many were made sinners, so by the obedience of one shall many be made righteous.

Christ is to be considered as the Apostle of our profession, the Messenger sent by God to men, the great Revealer of that faith which we profess to hold, and of that hope which we profess to have. As Christ, the Messiah anointed for the office both of Apostle and High Priest. As Jesus, our Saviour, our Healer, the great Physician of souls. Consider him thus. Consider what he is in himself, what he is to us, and what he will be to us hereafter and forever. Close and serious thoughts of Christ bring us to know more of him.

Remember these articles are published by an obedient servant. Thank you for your courage in seeking truth and Eternal life. Never stop building your relationship with our Savior, recognize each chapter and verse you research is drawing you closer to Him.


May all go in peace, understanding, and God’s compassion.


About Yeshua's Watchman

Yeshua, as a Watchman. This I pray for all. ” Our Heavenly Father brings us to the river which bringeth forth fruit so we may partake of its sustenance and be filled spiritually with nurturing wisdom and humble dedication in service to Yeshua. “Blessings to All.” As you go forward in peace, knowledge, and strength
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