September and October have been productive, even though our public activities have been limited. The NETWORK has been busy in the background organizing for future success in changing lives.

The previous work produced abundant fruit for those involved, but not without some setbacks and sad moments. We have had some sad moments in the life of one of our active Bishop’s and his family facing ongoing spiritual attacks; I am asking all for your prayers and spiritual support for Bishop Davis and his family.

While in their journey ministering to villagers Evangelist Rose and her entourage were visited by the deepest form of evil, they were forced to witness the execution of a poor woman. I am asking for all to lift this group up before the throne of God for healing and restoration of peace in their lives. The assailants have been arrested and charged with murder.

Onto some of the NETWORKS accomplishments having occurred during the month of September. The Lord has seen fit to provide funding for a 352 egg incubator for the hatching of Chicks. Fast forward to October 27th-28th just waiting for the first hatch to appear so we are able to begin the distribution for approximately 20-25 widows a flock of Ten chicks. As well as establishing a base flock of chickens for the NETWORK.

Which is only one part of the preparation occurring in the background. We have established a small herd of three Ewes and one Ram, for breeding stock, allowing the development of future distribution and further herd development. As well as establishing a small flock of Ducks four Hen’s one Drake, the ducks will provide two avenues of revenue, one for eggs to incubate, creating a source of revenue assisting in the purchase of mash for feed, and repurchase of fertilized chick eggs.

The plan once the chicks hatch is to develop a small flock for the NETWORK to maintain for egg and bird production to generate additional revenue. Generously an acre of land has been provided, to plant sections of cabbage, carrots and beans as seed for the March 2022 growing season.

All of the behind-the-scenes development has been possible because individuals have seen fit to contribute, allowing for this development of future flock’s, herds, and garden seeds, for those who will be requiring assistance in the future, which the Lord has seen fit to prepare us for.

That was the report for September, in addition, the NETWORK provided goats to three different widows in three counties. One of the widows initially was to receive a garden, the seed was purchased and the ground prepared to receive the seed, but the weather washed those plans away; so the seed was returned and a goat was purchased to replace the garden.

We had a bit of a setback with one of the gardens, just two weeks before harvest a devastating hail storm wiped out the garden, we will be replacing it with a flock of ten chicks once hatched.

I was queried by a potential contributor how versatile are these women do they need instruction to care for goats and the growing of gardens. I think the following explanation and testimony will answer the question. Part of the answer to the quarry is to keep in mind these women are life-intelligent as they have learned how to survive with next to nothing.

In mid-August 2021, Violet, a widow, was visited by Bishop Evans who was greeted by a woman filled with despair and concern. She was wondering where her next meal, for her and her grandchild were coming from. On August 16th her garden was planted, a week later we were informed Violet was gathering firewood for resale, as a source of revenue while her garden matured.

The Garden has since been harvested, and part of it is being sold in the local market for income. The uniqueness is Violet saved $20 in order to purpose we assist her in purchasing a goat.

Today October 27th, 2021 the NETWORK has contributed the $30 dollars to complete Violet’s transaction and will be delivering her goat on Friday the 29th of October 2021.

In other reports from members of the NETWORK, a young woman was provided with a garden and developed a vegetable stand at her village market within her community, additionally, a widow assisted with a startup of a small store within her village has established herself and is now able to pay her three children’s tuitions for school and has created a stable source of revenue for her and family.

NETWORK Members Evangelist Rose Victor and her husband Victor in one of the 47 counties have just delivered 20 goats to 20 widows in their county. The NETWORK and those working in and through it as God’s instruments are delivering the lord’s promise to provide.

I rejoice in reporting the good and saddened by the bad occurrences as even with the tribulations and successes one thing has become quite apparent, there is definitely a movement within numerous counties of the populous returning to church or becoming involved with the Lord.

I am appealing to all, to not only pray for the increase and movement forward of the NETWORK to assist widows in need. Keep in mind your contribution, is not just a handout, it is a doorway to changing the lives of those who are assisted by your contribution no matter the size. Whether it assists in providing a goat, garden, or flock, it opens a doorway for these women to change their future and as an individual to once again be free from the cycle of poverty and in control of their life.

I know the Lord has brought the knowledge forward for the foundation being established for the NETWORK to develop a solid system of removing individuals from poverty. By having an available herd of goats, chickens, and garden seeds readily available for distribution to those needing a helping hand which your contribution will assure we can provide.

Please keep in mind there are costs involved in caring for husbandry. It has been brought to my attention, the power grid in Kenya is not a reliable source. With that in mind, we require a backup generator, so I appeal for support so we can guarantee a steady source of power for the incubator.

With that said, our first hatch is about to happen, leaving us requiring funds, to obtain 352 fertilized eggs, a vaccine for this hatch and the future one. And for that first hatch, we will require 50kg of mash for feed and care until they are distributed.

So please find the compassion to contribute, giving an individual a doorway out of poverty. Any amount is a key to opening that door for a widow to begin her freedom walk. if it sounds cliche, maybe here in North America, but not in Kenya lives are changed by investing $50 into a woman’s life. It is a kickstart for her to actively make those changes. Remember I said these women are life educated and know how to use the least to gain the most out of it they just need a start. Are you willing to invest in allowing these women that opportunity?

If you have been stirred to become an instrument of help, you can contribute, as we have several widows, needing a doorway out of poverty like Violet. To fund a garden $65 CAN or $50 US, to provide a goat $50 US, a milking goat $135 US for a flock of Ten Chicks $65 CAN, opens that door to free a woman from poverty by answering God’s call. You can contribute by sending it in Canada via etransfer to 7804970612 email verification is romboughrobert@hotmail.com or by snail mail to Robert Rombough 17251 – 92 ave NW, T5T 3K7 as well we have opened an account with Western Union where you submit it to Robert James Rombough and finally with PayPal @robertrombough.

Please note: we use 100% of the funds, less the transfer fees, for the garden, there are no administration fees. All the work is done voluntarily by Bishops and Pastors or volunteers. (If sending US funds via PayPal click on receiver and change to US funds that way there will be no exchange fee).

Blessings to all who hear the Watchman’s Trumpet, heralding the Lord’s second commandment in Mark 12:31 The second is this: “You shall love your neighbour as yourself,” There is only one other commandment greater.


About Yeshua's Watchman

Yeshua, as a Watchman. This I pray for all. ” Our Heavenly Father brings us to the river which bringeth forth fruit so we may partake of its sustenance and be filled spiritually with nurturing wisdom and humble dedication in service to Yeshua. “Blessings to All.” As you go forward in peace, knowledge, and strength
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