Update for August 28, 2021. This day has proven to be uplifting and close to more than exciting for the NETWORK.

First let me explain how the reputation Kenya, globally, has as a corrupt nation, which can and does effect money transactions from outside of the country.

As the NETWORK found PayPal a convenient and speedy method to complete it’s money movement. However, here is where Kenya’s reputation became a problem and point of frustration and aggravation on the part of Bishop Evans.

PayPal took it upon itself to restrict the receipt of monies to the Bishop calling his reputation into question because of the previous number of transfers. They demanded he prove who he was by providing ID and bank statement to clear his name, before releasing our transfers to him.

This shows to what level evil has permeated this country. When an ordained and elected Bishop’s reputation is called into question. Why am I revealing this, so the global public can see what our Lord wants revealed.

How deep the enemy has penetrated the world’s church’s and some of its spiritual leaders. When the general population will not economically trust their leader’s to perform their obligations to the Father.

The very foundation of our beliefs are brought into question. Our Father in this situation has prevailed and all was restored and funds are to be released.

The NETWORK is in Kenya to restore those in need with support, but as well to weed out (no pun intended) the evil and bring forward those who remain as steadfast followers.

Here are some examples of what those obedient instruments of God have accomplished even with the enemy interfering.

Now that the funds will be released and under the guidance of Pastor Davis Wafula Machimbo the widow Rose will this coming week have her garden started, the first step to her freedom from poverty, restoring of value in her life, and hope in her heart and the knowledge God heard her pleas for help.
Then we see under the guidance of Bishop Evans Pastor Mukwa of Mt Olive Tabernacle Ministries International, will be guiding Pastor Juma to assist Joyce in Turbo Kenya, with here garden and the widow Margaret with her garden, as well three youngsters (2 teens, and younger sibling) will be re-registered in school.

To finish this busy week Bishop Evans Pastor Mukwa will be doing a few errands for David and his mother Joyce.

As David is handicapped the Bishop will be purchasing a manual wheelchair through the obedience of Cinda in Mississippi and Janet in Saskatchewan for David to be mobile and off the ground.

As well the Bishop on Monday will be taking David to the school for Handicapped for assessment of pre- enrollment. (Funding of $210 US is still required God willing). Later in the week Bishop Evans will be preparing and starting Joyce’s garden.

I really think we need to say Hallelujah Hallelujah praise be to God who is so mighty throughout the world. Thank you Father for all you have provided for your flock. Blessings to all who are answering His call to follow Him and become instruments to change and lift lives out of poverty and suffering in Yehwah and Yeshua’s name Amen and Amen.

For those desiring to have these blessings continue you can contribute through PayPal ( click on the receiver logo and change to US if sending in US or for other currency to Canadian) @robertrombough or etransfer to 7804970612, these contributions less transfer fees will be 100% used on the projects.

There will be progress updates of the various plantings and progress of the youngsters in school.
I spoke earlier with a young pastor who submitted a request to have a garden for a widow. As we vet all the requests to determine actual need to prevent unnecessarily covering one whose need is not urgent.

We discovered this widow claimed to be the mother of the pastor who initially denied this claim. Then brought forward info the widow had been the village stepmother to the youngsters at that time, giving her love and care as a mother.

This young man continued to ask for support. I had pointed out that it is the responsibility of family scripturally to care for a widow in their family.

I had placed this situation in prayer and the following was the Lord’s reply for me to submit to this young man.

But in God’s reply I recognized there is a message for all of us.

Pay heed to His warning, lest we all think in the same terms as this young man, and keep in mind the Kenyan NETWORK is a mission sanctioned by the Father.

Here is God’s message as given to me. V, I ask you as the Lords servant who is to minister to His flock. I pray you will recognize even as a stepmother you were in her eyes one of her children who did as the Lord called her to do. She ministered to you as a child she gave her life for you freely, now when her needs are many, as her adopted son in her heart, you should see the Lord is putting it on your heart to care for her needs.

What the Lord is showing me, if we as adopted children into the covenant with Israel, turned his back on us in time of need, because we are only adopted, where would that leave us and who would we turn to for assistance.

Ponder this deeply V, don’t use your head to discern, use your heart to see what this woman gave freely should be returned freely from those who received it. You know how reasonable it is to start a garden. Go start one for her prepare the ground buy the seed and sow the garden and do as the Father has asked you to do return what was given to you from an adopted mother.

Go in peace V, know these are not my words, but given as a message for you to know the path offered to you to be an obedient instrument of God. Amen

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Yeshua, as a Watchman. This I pray for all. ” Our Heavenly Father brings us to the river which bringeth forth fruit so we may partake of its sustenance and be filled spiritually with nurturing wisdom and humble dedication in service to Yeshua. “Blessings to All.” As you go forward in peace, knowledge, and strength
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