David is here improving the experience he had had of the comfort of pardoning mercy. I. He speaks to God, and professes his confidence in him and expectation from him, Psalms 32:7.

Having tasted the sweetness of divine grace to a penitent sinner, he cannot doubt of the continuance of that grace to a praying saint, and that in that grace he should find both safety and joy

1. Safety: “Thou art my hiding-place when by faith I have recourse to thee I see all the reason in the world to be easy, and to think myself out of the reach of any real evil. Thou shalt preserve me from trouble, from the sting of it, and from the strokes of it as far as is good for me.

Thou shalt preserve me from such trouble as I was in while I kept silence,” Psalms 32:3. When God has pardoned our sins, if he leaves us to ourselves, we shall soon run as far in debt again as ever and plunge ourselves again into the same gulf and therefore, when we have received the comfort of our remission, we must fly to the grace of God to be preserved from returning to folly again, and having our hearts again hardened through the deceitfulness of sin. God keeps his people from trouble by keeping them from sin.

2. Joy: “Thou shalt not only deliver me, but compass me about with songs of deliverance which way soever I look I shall see occasion to rejoice and to praise God and my friends also shall compass me about in the great congregation, to join with me in songs of praise: they shall join their songs of deliverance with mine. As every one that is godly shall pray with me, so they shall give thanks with me.”

God is praised by a song, which is, 1. A very natural expression of rejoicing. Is any merry? Let him sing and holy joy is the very soul and root of praise and thanksgiving. God is pleased to reckon himself glorified by our joy in him, and in his wondrous works. His servants’ joy is his delight, and their sons are melody to him

2. A very proper expedient for spreading the knowledge and perpetuating the remembrance of great events. Neighbours would learn this song one of another and children of their parents and by that means those who had not books, or could not read, yet would be made acquainted with these works of God and one generation would thus praise God’s works to another, and declare his mighty acts, Psalms 145:4.

Those that would be wise must be instructed and those are truly wise that receive instruction from the word of God. Kings and judges stand upon a level with common persons before God and it is as necessary for them to be religious as for any others.

Those that give law and judgment to others must receive law from Christ, and it will be their wisdom to do so. What is said to them is said to all, and is required of every one of us, only it is directed to kings and judges because of the influence which their example will have upon their inferiors, and because they were men of rank and power that opposed the setting up of Christ’s kingdom, Psalms 2:2.

We are exhorted, I. To reverence God and to stand in awe of him, Psalms 2:11. This is the great duty of natural religion. God is great, and infinitely above us, just and holy, and provoked against us, and therefore we ought to fear him and tremble before him yet he is our Lord and Master, and we are bound to serve him, our friend and benefactor, and we have reason to rejoice in him and these are very well consistent with each other, for,

1. We must serve God in all ordinances of worship, and all instances of a godly conversation, but with a holy fear, a jealousy over ourselves, and a reverence of him. Even kings themselves, whom others serve and fear, must serve and fear God there is the same indefinite distance between them and God that there is between the meanest of their subjects and him

2. We must rejoice in God, and, in subordination to him, we may rejoice in other things, but still with a holy trembling, as those that know what a glorious and jealous God he is, whose eye is always upon us. Our salvation must be wrought out with fear and trembling, Philippians 2:12. We ought to rejoice in the setting up of the kingdom of Christ, but to rejoice with trembling, with a holy awe of him, a holy fear for ourselves, lest we come short, and a tender concern for the many precious souls to whom his gospel and kingdom are a savor of death unto death.

Whatever we rejoice in, in this world, it must always be with trembling, lest we grow vain in our joy and be puffed up with the things we rejoice in, and because of the uncertainty of them and the damp which by a thousand accidents may soon be cast upon our joy. To rejoice with trembling is to rejoice as though we rejoiced not, 1 Corinthians 7:30.

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Yeshua, as a Watchman. This I pray for all. ” Our Heavenly Father brings us to the river which bringeth forth fruit so we may partake of its sustenance and be filled spiritually with nurturing wisdom and humble dedication in service to Yeshua. “Blessings to All.” As you go forward in peace, knowledge, and strength
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