When we open our news sources we hear of chaos and death reigning through fear and confusion. We hear multiple cries when is this persecution going to end? Why are we being tormented and under the threat of death?

This link gives us information of the condition of the hearts of those who walk not after our Lord’s peace but call out to the world’s gods for help and are rewarded further turmoil. https://dcdirtylaundry.com/the-new-triple-mutant-covid-strain-threatens-to-become-a-catastrophic-plague-of-epic-proportions-in-india/

Several warnings have been sent out ahead for the flock to prepare itself to abide under the Lords wings for protection from the wrath God has released. You must as followers discern the times and what is around you and about to become a part of your lives. Like Peter when he stepped unto the water, our faith must be at that level, and in the future must at all times keep our eyes fixed on the Lord, you cannot waiver in your faith. Do not like Peter look into the turmoil and fear.

It is time to deepen our faith and trust through assessing our walk and removing all attachments to the world in any form physically (medically, pharmaceutically) and most importantly spiritually.

I remember our Lord, calling all His children back to His Law (Ten Commandments) I also heard as a refute, that we are not under the law. But now live under Grace having Salvation as our reconnection with God. 

Well, here’s the bottom line, it appears the Ten Commandments are a template for us to be continuously Abiding with the Lord under Grace, through our salvation. The Commandments appear to be a simple way of life and a very effective weapon against Satan as they are an informative foundation for our (trust) faith to be deepened and rest upon. 

Yet it appears many do not follow all ten, they are familiar with them however are not making them a base and guide to their walk. The more I study them the more I begin to recognize how much heavenly wisdom is added to my relationship with Yeshua, thus strengthening, deepening and fortifying my faith (trust) in the Father and the Son. Knowing I am complying with God’s call to return to His law and recognize I’m abiding under His wings (Psalm 91:1-2). 

The following link reveals many pieces of information supporting that action. Here is an excerpt from this link: https://romboughrobert.wordpress.com/2020/08/30/winding-and-twisting-path-2/

Understand, the way in our journey is winding and twisting, because the Lord desires we learn from each horizon encountered within the curves , each one revealing new challenges.

It becomes my desire to share as each challenge is revealed, in doing so, I receive in return, a 10 fold blessing within the teachings, at the next curve in my journey.

To some, what is being revealed, may seem difficult to discern and or harsh to follow. I reveal, it is only [so] if your sincerity is weak in your declaration and commitment to Yeshua. The best example here is believing you need to rely on worldly wisdom through medical and pharmaceutical means, have you forgotten or do not trust God is the Greatest Physician, and if you are abiding with Him no disease or curse will stand against you. With God when we are faithful and without doubt or fear, all things are possible.

The bends and curves, identify those areas, within our journey, not committed, and the lessons are the honing of your sword, so it is sharpened to a keener edge.
If you are feeling stalled not moving forward from one particular curve you have entered. Time to step back, take a look at what’s in your mind as a part of the teaching that is offending or exposing shortcomings within your walk.

You will not progress until it is resolved spiritually in your heart, not your mind. Remember we are to daily work out our salvation, meaning constantly moving forward with the teachings from the Holy Spirit, always drawing closer to Yeshua. 

The path is narrow and it took faith, discernment and perseverance on your part to find it, Yeshua related few will find it. Do not let complacency settle into your journey and steal what you have worked so hard to find, always be active in our Lord’s name.

You will find the way of our journey is winding and twisting, because the Lord desires, as we move forward, learn from each horizon within the curves encountered, what they reveal as new challenges.

He who is our best friend and our head is advanced to the highest dignity and honour in heaven, and has gone before to secure to us the heavenly happiness and therefore we should seek and secure what he has purchased at so vast an expense, and is taking so much care about. We must live such a life as Yeshua lived here on earth and lives now in heaven, according to our capacities. Which will increase as we study and comprehend the wisdoms of the Ten commandments? 

Do we hope that the praising of God will be the blessedness of our eternity? Surely then we ought to make it the business of our time. This he had at heart more than any thing. Whatever the Christian is as to this life, he considers the favour and service of God as the one thing needful. This he desires, prays for and seeks after, and in it he rejoices.

Remember, these messages are given by a humble servant obedient unto our Lord
Yeshua as a Watchman. This I pray for all. ”Our Heavenly Father brings us to the river which bringeth forth fruit so we may partake of its sustenance and be filled spiritually with nurturing wisdom, and humble dedication in service to Yeshua. “Blessings to All.” As you go forward in peace, knowledge, and strength


About Yeshua's Watchman

Yeshua, as a Watchman. This I pray for all. ” Our Heavenly Father brings us to the river which bringeth forth fruit so we may partake of its sustenance and be filled spiritually with nurturing wisdom and humble dedication in service to Yeshua. “Blessings to All.” As you go forward in peace, knowledge, and strength
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