The world is so desperate to overcome fear, people will believe in whatever looks feasible and promising. The global population is succumbing to the greatest farce perpetuated against mankind.

Yes the flu is real and yes there have been deaths associated to it. There are facts pro and con but all of it should be taken in and discerned, the reality of it all, many have suffered losses and been forced apart due to fear and paranoia. The afore quoted link shows that even with the vaccine the public is still vulnerable. 

The evidence of truth should be convincing and compelling. This indeed is through God or owing to him because they are his institutions. And accompanied with His blessing, which makes all opposition to fall before his victorious gospel.

We may here observe, [1] What opposition is made against the gospel by the powers of sin and Satan in the hearts of men. Ignorance, prejudices, beloved lusts, are Satan’s strong-holds in the souls of some.

Vain imaginations, carnal reasonings, and high thoughts, or proud conceits, in others, exalt themselves against the knowledge of God, that is by these ways the devil endeavors to keep men from faith and obedience to the gospel, secures his possession of the hearts of men, as his own house or property. But then observe.

[2] The conquest which the word of God gains. These strong-holds are pulled down by the gospel as the means, through the grace and power of God accompanying it as the principal efficient cause. Note, the conversion of the soul is the conquest of Satan in the soul.

THE JUNCTION: Now having gathered this information about ministering as a “Disciple” and knowing what is involved walking as a “Fisher of Men” both are being presented as options to become a part of our walk to Eternity.

There is no right answer or choice. Your choice is between you and Yeshua and must be done using all the information, prayer, meditation, fasting possible, there is no timeline for an answer. What we are being asked for is a faith-driven choice of how we believe God has called us to serve Him in these troubled times.

The information being supplied is for those reading the articles to ascertain as the world grows darker we will recognize deeper evil entering the world. This is evil with more profound temptations, and stories which will attack believers fervently to cause Apostasy a falling away.

A giving up because some are not fully committed or just do not understand how to endure. Please note: the JUNCTION is for all to stop take a moment rest, pray, meditate draw close to and confirm your position in Yeshua recognize you have known all along what your choice is. So with all, you have gathered use it to strengthen your commitment, firm up your position get ready for the next onslaught of temptations. May our Father be with you as you determine your walk.


My closing comments contain additional information about APOSTASY and the fate for those who do not choose wisely or prepare themselves adequately for the oncoming battles. Remember the more profound our walk and faith commitment the more fervent and cunningly Satan is going to attack you.

This is a Spiritual War which is intensifying due to less and less Spiritually grounded soldiers adequately equipped to do battle. I believe Yeshua is building an army for what is coming as well as strengthening those who follow for the dark days ahead.

The Holy Spirit brought this information from the book of Hebrew chapter 12:

Matthew Henry (1662 -1774) brings this warning to all Followers of Yeshua about Apostasy, The Father of our spirits never grieves willingly, nor afflicts the children of men, much less his own children. It is always for our profit, and the advantage he intends us thereby is no less than our being partakers of his holiness it is to correct and cure those sinful disorders which make us unlike to God, and to improve and to increase those graces which are the image of God in us.

That we may be and act more like our heavenly Father. God loves his children so that he would have them to be as like himself as can be and for this end, he chastises them when they need it.

Followers should understand, the attacks from Satan will be both spiritual and physical with a fervency attached designed to wear you down and cause Apostacy. Please understand Apostacy is something no follower wants to experience. Recognize the Lord is giving us a heads up but as well letting us know, He, no matter what is going to be there against us, will only allow what he knows we can deal with.

This is a high attainment, but it is what Yeshua has called his people to. Sufferings are apt to sour the spirit and sharpen the passions, but the children of God must follow peace with all men. There may be prudence and wise forbearance, and a show of friendship and good-will to all but this true Christian peaceableness is never found separate from holiness.

We must not, under the pretense of living peaceably with all men, leave the ways of holiness. Without holiness, no man shall see the Lord. The vision of God our Saviour in heaven is reserved as the reward of holiness, and the stress of our salvation is laid upon our holiness, though a placid peaceable disposition contributes much to our preparation for heaven.

Where afflictions and sufferings for the sake of Yeshua are not considered by men as the chastisement of their heavenly Father and improved as such, they will be a dangerous snare and temptation to apostasy, which every follower should most carefully watch against (Hebrews 12:15-16).

Matthew Henry (1662 -1774) highlights the seriousness of apostasy ‘The Apostle enters a severe caveat against apostasy (Heb.12:15) The nature of apostasy. It is failing of the grace of God it is to become bankrupt in religion, for want of a good foundation, and suitable care and diligence.

It is failing of the grace of God, coming short of a principle of pure grace in the soul, notwithstanding the means of grace and a profession of religion, and so coming short of the love and favor of God here and hereafter.

The consequences of apostasy: where persons fail of having the true grace of God, a root of bitterness will spring up, corruption will prevail and break forth. A root of bitterness a root producing bitter fruits to themselves and others.

It provides to themselves corrupt principles, which lead to apostasy and are considerably strengthened and eradicated by apostasy–damnable errors (to the corrupting of the doctrine and worship of the Christian Church) and corrupt practices.

Apostates generally grow worse and worse and fall into the grossest wickedness, which usually ends either in downright atheism or in despair. In these words, there is a great warning to all who follow at whatever level you believe at be sure you know your spirit is being fed properly. I pray this article has been assistance to those reading it. 


Heavenly Father hear our praise for the gifts bestowed on your children. Thank thyou, Lord, for blessing us with the most precious of all the gifts Faith which in our eyes is the key to a personal relationship with your son and our journey to everlasting life, peace, and your heavenly rewards. We know Father without faith there is no grace there is no discernment understanding and divine knowledge. As we learn through your guidance to use our faith as Yeshua exampled for us, we thank you for your patience and guidance. Endure with us Lord that we might prosper and slowly grow to fully understand your gifts. This we pray in Yeshua’s name Amen, and Amen.

_DSC0145-27Remember these articles are given as warnings from a humble servant as God’s Watchman bringing His warnings to the flock of impending dangers. I pray for all to be covered with Yeshua’s blessings. Be at peace and in faith as you journey forward doing God’s calling and work. “And many other signs truly did Yeshua in the presence of his disciples, which are not written in this book.“ John 20:30


About Yeshua's Watchman

Yeshua, as a Watchman. This I pray for all. ” Our Heavenly Father brings us to the river which bringeth forth fruit so we may partake of its sustenance and be filled spiritually with nurturing wisdom and humble dedication in service to Yeshua. “Blessings to All.” As you go forward in peace, knowledge, and strength
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