Thou art my hiding place thou shalt preserve me from trouble thou shalt compass me about with songs of deliverance. Selah. Psalms 32:7

For in the time of trouble he shall hide me in his pavilion: in the secret of his tabernacle shall he hide me he shall set me up upon a rock. Psalms 27:5

Thou shalt hide them in the secret of thy presence from the pride of man: thou shalt keep them secretly in a pavilion from the strife of tongues. Psalms 31:20


I recognize individuals as being in the spirit rather than in the flesh. Our bodies are designed to function at a very high level of efficiency, for a brief period. Knowing this, I focus on what is inside the temple, the spirit, the actual person, not the flesh.

Many ask, how can you do that? When the body is right in front of you? It is said the eyes are the windows to the soul, which is true, that is why I make constant eye contact.

Our Lord blesses us with many gifts, one of them is discernment, and someone asked me what that meant. The Meriam Webster dictionary definition is: “The quality of being able to grasp and comprehend what is obscure; an act of perceiving or discerning something.” For example, knowing someone is a true friend.

I describe it as having insight recognizing in several different ways who the person in your presence indeed is. So then, I hear, and you see this by looking in a person’s eyes? “Yes, and No”, what I see initially is the essence of the individual their spirit (who they really are) and then one of our Lord’s gifts kicks in “discernment“.

Which is defined as: “The ability to comprehend what is obscure.” Now by using the Lord’s gift of knowledge, which through understanding I draw from the skill obtained through the experience of being taught by the Holy Spirit, how to use our Lord’s gifts. I am able to recognize the condition of who I am dealing with.

Remember the saying don’t judge a book by its cover, find out what is inside and then make decisions. Keeping in mind, we are involved in a spiritual war, being waged to gain control over our God-given Spirit, as well as to steal our soul, while we inhabit our temple in this world.

This is where having and accepting the knowledge of our Spirit and Soul being separate entities, who function jointly. Here is a refresher, the Spirit (given in God’s image, but not as god) is eternal life, it is who we are as an eternal spirit.

The Soul is broken down into three parts, It is what bears the image of God, it is the intelligent, immortal part of our existence, it is the active influencing part of our being which resembles God.

These three noble parts, faculties, understanding, and active will power (which the world identifies, as the mind, will, and emotions). It becomes the way we identify God, in His place and authority. By comprehending, God’s, image upon man, consists of “knowledge of God’s spiritual presence, through His righteousness, manifested by our sincere holiness.”

Now understanding this, our challenge within this brief life span, described in (James 4:14) is to recognize what initially connected Adam and Eve to God and strive to obtain our re-connection to God our Father in heaven. By, conformity to all His natural powers, and to the whole will of God.

Having our understanding see divine things clearly and honestly, recognizing there are no errors or mistakes in God’s knowledge. Our wills complying readily and universally, with the will of God, without any reluctance or resistance. Knowing our Lord has made this available upon our souls by His sanctifying “Grace,” and the sacrifice of Yeshua as the doorway through Salvation. John 14:6 Yeshua saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life; no man cometh unto the Father but by me,

Blessings to all as we now comprehend the purpose of our journey and the significance of our Lord’s calling to daily working out our “Salvation.” Ephesians 4:24 And that ye put on the new man, which after God is created in righteousness and true holiness.


Now, it becomes clear why an understanding of the significance, as Gentiles, we needed to be adopted into Israel as part of God’s covenant. Matthew Henry in his commentary of Psalms 31 reveals that importance: “God is good to all, but he is, in a special manner, good to Israel. His goodness to them is wonderful, and will be, to eternity, a matter of admiration: O how great is thy goodness! How profound are the counsels of it! how rich are the treasures of it! how free and extensive are the communications of it! Those very persons whom men load with slanders God loads with benefits and honours.

Those who are interested in this goodness are described to be such as fear God and trust in him, as stand-in awe of his greatness and rely on his grace. This goodness is said to be laid up for them and wrought for them (1) There is goodness laid up for them in the other world, an inheritance reserved in heaven (1 Peter 1:4), and there is goodness wrought for them in this world, goodness wrought in them. There is enough in God’s goodness both for the portion and inheritance of all his children when they come to their full age, and for their maintenance and education during their minority.

There is enough in bank and enough in hand (2) This goodness is laid up in his promise for all that fear God, to whom assurance is given that they shall want no good thing. But it is wrought, in the actual performance of the promise, for those that trust in him–that by faith take hold of the promise, put it in suit, and draw out to themselves the benefit and comfort of it. If what is laid up for us in the treasures of the everlasting covenant be not wrought for us, it is our own fault, because we do not believe.

But those that trust in God, as they have the comfort of his goodness in their own bosoms, so they have the credit of it (and the credit of an estate goes far with some) it is wrought for them before the sons of men. God’s goodness to them puts honour upon them and rolls away their reproach for all that see them shall acknowledge them, that they are the seed which the Lord hath blessed, Isaiah 61:9.

Please remember these articles are the work of a humble servant of Yeshua doing HIs bidding as a Watchmen sounding the Trumpet to warn of impending danger within the Assembly. May our Father abundantly bless each one of you with wisdom and discernment to go forward as “Modern Day Disciples”

Thou will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee, Trust ye in the Lord forever: for in the Lord Yeshua is everlasting strength. (Isaiah 26:3-4)



About Yeshua's Watchman

Yeshua, as a Watchman. This I pray for all. ” Our Heavenly Father brings us to the river which bringeth forth fruit so we may partake of its sustenance and be filled spiritually with nurturing wisdom and humble dedication in service to Yeshua. “Blessings to All.” As you go forward in peace, knowledge, and strength
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