Galatians 6:1“Brethren, if a man is overtaken in a fault, ye which is spiritual, restore such a one in the spirit of meekness; considering thyself, lest thou also be tempted.”  

PRE-AMBLE by Robert 

pexels-photo-880861 (2)As “modern-day disciples,” in our previous article “Have You Been Sealed By “Yeshua,” we were shown our call to battle was “WHAT SHALL WE DO” and then received our marching orders, and should be proceeding with entry into the “Den of Wolves.” We also received descriptions of both the false teachers, prophets and as well those being deceived and walking under a delusion.

In this article, we are brought to Galatian’s Six, where through the Holy Spirit we will receive further guidance and instructions on how to approach, enter and handle those trapped in the “Den of Wolves.” It was noted unique talents, and handling would be required, i.e., knowledge understanding, compassion, love, and definitely patience. With all of these talents being bestowed on us, we are as well cautioned not to lose our meekness and humility by assessing our walk continually.

To further the approach and implementation, The Holy Spirit through the writings of Apostle Paul equips us with discernment and understanding of how the teachings of the False teachers and Prophets spins its work. It will be revealed how to use the central design of the Galatian Epistle to fortify ourselves against the wiles of these false teachings. It explains how some can profess faith Paul spoke of a genuine, living faith which purifies the heart and works by love (Gal. 5:6).

James in his Epistle speaks of a profession or presumption of faith, barren and destitute of good fruit. Such faith is dead (James 2:17); it is a “faith” like the devils may have (James 2:19). It consists only of an intellectual belief of God’s being or existence, not consenting to His offer of salvation through repentance and turning from sin nor reliance on His promises. Chile 010

Matthew Henry (1662 – 1774) brings points forward about the actual character of those you will be dealing with and hold this type of faith. ” All our knowledge of God begins on his part; we know him because we are known to him. Though our teachings forbid idolatry, many, practice spiritual idolatry in their hearts. For what a man loves most, and cares most for, that is his god: some have their riches for their god, some their pleasures, and some their lusts. And many ignorantly worship a god of their own making; a god made of Love and no chastisement. For they persuade themselves that there is mercy for them with God, though they repent not, but go on in their sins. It is possible for those who have made significant professions of religion, to be afterward drawn aside from purity and simplicity. And the more mercy God has shown, in bringing any to know the gospel, and the liberties and privileges of it, the more significant their sin and folly in suffering themselves to be deprived of them. Hence all who are members of the outward church should learn to fear and to suspect themselves. We must not be content because we have some good things in ourselves. 


People 605Father in heaven, hear our call for your wisdom to be brought before us, fill our hearts with your desire to serve in obedience. Lay your plan before us Father that we would know our direction and destination. Lift from our eyes the binders of darkness that we will identify those who have strayed. Fill our soul with your information that we are able to separate your sheep from the wolves in sheep’s clothing. Flood us with courage, discernment, determination through your knowledge and understanding. Anchor our feet on your solid foundation so no spiritual storm can sweep us away from our task. We thank you, Father, for this assignment and pray in the name of Yeshua you bless us with meekness, so we remain your faithful servants. Amen and Amen. 


When reproving others, we should take care to convince them that our reproofs are in sincere regard to the honor of God and religion and their welfare.” Matthew Henry (1662 – 1774), explains an approach which exemplifies our presence as “modern-day disciples” while in the “Den of Wolves.” “Those who profess faith in Yeshua as the Lord of glory, must not respect persons on account of mere outward circumstances and appearances, in a manner not agreeing with their profession of being disciples of Yeshua. James did not encourage rudeness or disorder: civil respect must be demonstrated, but never such as to influence the proceedings of Christians in disposing of the offices of the church of Yeshua, or in passing the censures of the church, or in any matter of religion.PEOPLE 451

Questioning ourselves is of great use in every part of the holy life. Let us be more frequent in this, and in everything take occasion to discourse with our souls. As places of worship cannot be built or maintained without expense, it may be proper that those who contribute to it should be accommodated accordingly.

The duty we are directed too, to restore such we should labor, by faithful reproofs, and pertinent and seasonable councils, to bring them to repentance. Paul in “Galatians 6,” taught how our best approach should be. Matthew Henry’s comments detail it for us. “The original word, “katartizete” means to set in joint, as a dislocated bone. Accordingly, we should endeavor to establish them in place again, to bring them to themselves. By convincing them of their sin and error. Persuading them to return to their duty, comforting them in the sense of pardoning mercy. And thus having recovered them, demonstrate our love for them.  

It is very common for a man to look upon himself as wiser and better than other MEETING 2men, and as fit to dictate to them. Such a one deceives himself; by pretending to what he has not, he cheats himself and sooner or later finds the sad effects. This will never gain esteem, either with God or men. Everyone is advised to prove his own work. The better we know our own hearts and ways, the less shall we despise others, and the more be disposed to help them under infirmities and afflictions. How light men’s sins seem to them when committed, yet they will be found a heavy burden, when they come to reckon with God about them. No man can pay a ransom for his brother, and sin is a burden to the soul. It is a spiritual burden, and the less a man feels it as such, the more cause he has to suspect himself. Most men are dead in their sins, and therefore have no sight or sense of the spiritual burden of sin. Feeling the weight and burden of our sins, we must seek to be eased thereof by the Saviour, and be warned against every sin.
Christ will not be the Saviour of any who will not own and rely on him as their only Saviour.
Let us take heed to the warnings and persuasions of the apostle to steadfastness in the doctrine and liberty of the gospel. All faithful followers, being taught by the Holy Spirit, wait for eternal life, the reward of righteousness, and the object of their hope, as the gift of God by faith in Christ; and not for the sake of their own works. 
We must then ask the question “How do we know if a person can know if he is one of the elect, or even if he can be given that kind of knowledge?
Spiros Zodhiates Th.D (1922 – 2009) I believe gives us an explanation of how to understand our position. “ Two words that must be examined to explain the much-debated subject of God’s election and predestination. The first is found in Ephesians 1:4 “he has chosen,” referring to the Greek word  exelexatosky-space-dark-galaxy
[1586]  meaning “chosen out of.” In this context, this word means that at one particular time in the past, God chose individuals for salvation (Matt. 24:31; Luke 18:7; Rom. 8:33; 2Tim. 2:10; James 2:5).
The second verb is proorisas [4309] “to determine beforehand or predestinate” (Acts 4:28; Rom. 8:29; 9:11; 1 Peter 1:2, 20). It is interesting to note that Peter referred to the concept of predestination in his sermon on the day of Pentecost. He said (speaking of Yeshua), “Him, being delivered by the determinate counsel and foreknowledge of, God, ye have taken, and by wicked hands have crucified and slain.” In Eph.1:5 one can note the evidence of the concept of man’s free choice coupled with the responsibility for his actions. God delivered up His Son, and man was given the choice of what they would do with Yeshua. They chose to crucify Him, leaving them with the responsibility for their actions. Furthermore, the teaching of Scripture is clear. Yeshua died for all. In 1 John 2:2 the writer states, “And he is the propitiation for our sins, (i.e., believers) and not for ours only, but also the sins of the whole world. Therefore, the ministry of Yeshua that He did on the cross was intended for all. Repeatedly, God says that “whosoever believeth in Him” can obtain salvation (John 3:16-18, 36; Acts 10:43). PEOPLE 603
“Modern Day Disciples,” must not forbear speaking the truth, for fear of offending others. The false teachers who drew the Galatians from the reality of the gospel were designing men. They pretended affection, but they were not sincere and upright. An excellent rule is given. It is good to be zealous always in a good thing; not for a time only, or now and then, but forever. Happy would it be for the church of Yeshua, if this zeal was better maintained?
Heavenly Father, hear our petition as we place before your throne those who know not their souls are in captivity of sin. We pray for your wisdom to be upon them, lift the shrouds of delusion from their minds. Open their eyes to your truth, WATERSCAPE 003so they may see their walk is in eternal death. Bring your compassion upon them Father so they would experience your love and the joys of it. Open the wells of living water within their temples that they will never again thirst. Remove all evil from their lives and walk, touch them Father so they know of your presence. Strengthen us “Oh Lord,” fill us with your love and compassion that we might go forward as meek, humble servants doing your bidding in obedience and submission carrying and placing their burdens before your throne for your intervention. This we pray in your name Yeshua. Amen and Amen.
As I write this article, it has become clear to me the Fallen Archangel Satan has implemented a simple attack based on a distraction. By drawing our attention from a spiritual walk to the pleasures of our carnal state.  But this is not profound news as we are all aware of this fact. However by placing a fear of death with us and its consequences,(How light men’s sins seem to them when committed. Yet they will be found a heavy burden when they come to reckon with God about them.) we have been drawn to fixate on our fleshly and worldly pleasures even when walking in the spirit, with Yeshua. 
The fallen one the Archangel (Satan) who gave up his position in heaven, who SNAKE 02caused all to be separated from God and brought us the knowledge of death. Is sensing the end is drawing closer. In this, he is stepping up his battle for souls, and this war is really just about that “winning or losing souls.” 
Spiros Zodhiates Th.D (1922 – 2009) spells it out the best I have heard in a simple statement; “Furthermore the teaching of the Scripture is clear; Yeshua died for all. To come to Yeshua is an invitation to all, and all who hear the gospel are responsible and without excuse to either accept or reject Yeshua. If one perishes in his sin, he is condemned as a result of his own choice (Titus 3:10, 11). Spiros’s next statement enlightens and answers our question “WHAT SHALL WE DO?” Each word within the following comments are guides to knowing exactly the important it is we understand and comprehend the role of being submissive, obedient and fully committed as “modern-day disciples.” Our walk as “modern-day disciples” goes beyond evangelizing, beyond spreading the word. I believe these comments are taking us to the ultimate knowledge of understanding and living God’s Compassion and Love for His strayed ones. “As one reflects on the salvation experience of the believer, he should note that God alone knows the point at which a person receives Yeshua for salvation. It is also evident that the believer is “fulfilling” God’s purposes for his life, resulting in his becoming one of God’s “Elect.”  

Matthew Henry (1662 – 1774) sums up our walk: “The fruits of the Spirit plainly show that such are led by the Spirit. By describing the works of the flesh and fruits of the Spirit, we are told what to avoid and oppose, and what we are to cherish and cultivate; and this is the sincere care and endeavor of all real believers. Sin does not now reign in our mortal bodies so that we obey it, (Romans 6:12), for we seek to destroy it. Yeshua never will own those who yield themselves up to be the servants of sin. And it is not enough that we cease to do evil, but we must learn to do well. Our conversation will always be answerable to the principle which guides and governs us, (Romans 8:5). We must set ourselves in earnest to mortify the deeds of the body, and to walk in newness of life. Not being desirous of vain-glory, or unduly wishing for the esteem and applause of men, not provoking or envying one another, but seeking to bring forth more abundantly those good fruits, which are, through Yeshua, to the praise and glory of God.
Over the last number of months (14), I recognize as my commitment and submission have grown within my personal relationship with Yeshua. The level of compassion towards the daily sufferings I witness or hear of causes great pain in my spirit and soul. I at times weep knowing, many, will journey through life in the shadow of death and will not nor will they recognize their spiritual status; and will pass into eternity separated from God and Yeshua by their own choice. 
I recognize the comfort  Spiros Zodhiates Th.D following words will bring forward. However, I also hear and recognize the urgency in them to do everything I can to fulfill God’s call, to rescue, as many as I am able to draw into His light shining through me. I also understand this calling has to be done in humility, meekness, and in God’s will, without any glory on my part or the part of anyone else who takes on this mantle as a “MODERN DAY DISCIPLE”.
Remember these articles are written as a humble servant doing Yeshua’s bidding as a messenger. I pray all will be blessed by them and bring them closer to Yeshua in their walk with him.
God’s blessings are with you  



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Yeshua, as a Watchman. This I pray for all. ” Our Heavenly Father brings us to the river which bringeth forth fruit so we may partake of its sustenance and be filled spiritually with nurturing wisdom and humble dedication in service to Yeshua. “Blessings to All.” As you go forward in peace, knowledge, and strength
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