The one who listens to you listens to Me, and the one who rejects you rejects Me; and he who rejects Me rejects the One who sent Me” (Luke 10:16).   

OPENING COMMENTARY by Robert   Researching has a funny way of influencing us, as we find more and more truths about our spiritual beliefs. For years I have walked with Yeshua, pondering this question.”Was man ever spiritually connected  to GOD?” Today I believe I found some answers to my question which I now desire to share. 

I believe history gave us a look at what has shaped our Christian world and influenced what we have become in our spiritual walk towards life and eternity, as well how, why, when and what that influence has shaped our beliefs to become. Sometimes the answers are not pleasant because of the nature of why, who and what we find history exposing. I stated my objective was to see what those who transcribed history in the scriptures might have omitted or merely missed (and failed to recognize) or were influenced by prejudice to exclude.

What does this have to do with our walk and why do we need this type of data? I believe from this information, we can gather an accurate understanding of what connection there was between God and Man (Adam and Eve) before the fall. It will identify and give us a better understanding of who we are in the spirit and not just as flesh. 

Considering the Christian belief Yeshua was born to Jewish parents, came from the lineage of David a Jewish King, (Matthew 1:1-17) and taught to the world, which consisted of Jews, Christians and Gentiles (Matthew 4:17) as it does today. His teachings that He is the only way to “Life and Eternity” with Yahweh his Father I believe is a clue we once were connected Spiritually, and Yeshua is the only way to reconnect.  

I have found where Jewish Scribes and Leaders are possibly misinterpreting the Prophecy possibly with personal prejudices which exist today and are preached. Remember I am seeking to find the errors in what we have been taught in the past and will expose it, to find the true path to a very personal relationship with Yeshua. “The Jewish Scribes state Yeshua was not the descendant of David. “Many prophetic passages speak of a descendant of King David who will rule Israel during the age of perfection. (Isaiah 11:1-9; Jeremiah 23:5-6, 30:7-10, 33:14-16; Ezekiel 34:11-31, 37:21-28; Hosea 3:4-5).

“The Messiah must be descended on his father’s side from King David (see Genesis 49:10, Isaiah 11:1, Jeremiah 23:5, 33:17; Ezekiel 34:23-24). According to the Christian claim, Jesus was the product of a virgin birth, he had no father – and thus could not have possibly fulfilled the messianic requirement of being descended on his father’s side from King David.

Further research into this claim took me to Isaiah 7:1-14. To qualify what transpired then and I believe is happening today in Judaism is described in the following commentary by Matthew Henry (1662- 1774). “Secret disaffection to God is often disguised with the color of respect to him; and those who are resolved that they will not trust God, yet pretend they will not tempt him. The prophet reproved Ahaz and his court, for the little value they had for Divine revelation. Nothing is more grievous to God than distrust, but the unbelief of man shall not make the promise of God of no effect; the Lord himself shall give a sign. How great soever your distress and danger, of you the Messiah is to be born, and you cannot be destroyed while that blessing is in you. It shall be brought to pass gloriously; and the strongest consolations in time of trouble are derived from Christ, our relation to him, our interest in him, our expectations of him and from him.” Then Isaiah goes on to prophesy. I took this verse from the “Tanakh Bible,” Isaiah 7:14 because it is the verse most referred to, to deny the virgin birth, please note they use a young woman in place of a virgin. “Therefore the Lord himself shall give you a sign; Behold, the young woman shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel.” which the Jewish Scribes use as Old Testament proof the virgin birth did not happen, which they stand on to disprove Yeshua’s Deity. The Christian interpretations of the KJV bible read “Therefore the Lord himself shall give you a sign; Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel. 

So here we need to research the meaning of the Hebrew word ‘almah (5959). Spiros Zodhiates’ Th.D. (1922 – 2009) “It has become commonplace to suggest that ‘almah does not mean virgin, and that in fact, had Isaiah meant “virgin,” he would have used the Hebrew word bethulah (1330). The facts of languages are otherwise. ‘Almah is the clearest word Isaiah could have chosen to convey the idea of virginity. There is no appearance of ‘almah in the OT where the meaning “virgin” cannot be used. Bethulah, on the other hand, often needs a qualification to clarify whether or not “virgin” is intended (e,g. Gen.24:16, where Rebekah is described as a “virgin (bethulah) neither had any man known her.” “Note that ‘almah, which occurs later in the same context (Gen.24:43), needs no such qualification.” The qualification is doubtless needed because bethulah unlike ‘almah, can sometimes refer to a married woman (Deut. 22:24, Joel 1:8). It is evident that ‘almah ought indeed be translated “virgin” from Hebrew usage. But this is not the extent of the argument. The Greeks, who translated the OT into their language hundreds of years before Yeshua, had no question; they translated Isaiah 7:14, in the Septuagint with the Greek word parthenos, the word for “virgin.”



Heavenly Father we come before your throne Lord not as any denomination, sect or belief, but as followers of your teachings and laws. We ask Lord you would fill us with your discernment and understanding to recognize our personal relationship with Yeshua based on your love compassion and forgiveness. Teach us, Father, how we in the spirit of who we are in You, will live together in your love compassion and the light of forgiveness eternally. That we might become your disciples sharing your love and mercy in this dark world of lost souls. Strengthen our nets that we may shine as Fisher’s of Men brightly attracting the lost who are in the world. We pray this in your name Yeshua Amen and Amen. 


Behold I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves. (Matthew 10:16) 

Why the earlier rendition of the virgin birth? How does that play into what we are sharing today as disciples? Think about the above scripture we are going into the den of wolves. Who do you think those wolves are and what they know of God? We are told to be as wise as serpents and gentle as doves.  

Our Father knows what is in store for those of us whom He is sending forward to do His work as modern day disciples “Fishers of Men.” In Matthew 10:16-42 The disciples of Christ are hated and persecuted as serpents, and their ruin is sought, and they need the serpent’s wisdom. Be ye harmless as doves. Not only, do nobody any hurt, but bear nobody any ill-will. Prudent care there must be, but not an anxious, perplexing thought; let this concern be cast upon God. The disciples of Christ must think more how to do well, than how to speak well. In case of significant peril, the disciples of Christ may go out of the way of danger, though they must not go out of the way of duty. No sinful, unlawful means may be used to escape; for then it is not a door of God’s opening. The fear of man brings a snare, a perplexing snare, that disturbs our peace; an entangling snare, by which we are drawn into sin; and, therefore, it must be striven and prayed against. Tribulation, distress, and persecution cannot take away God’s love to them, or theirs to him. Fear Him, who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell. They must deliver their message publicly, for all are deeply concerned in the doctrine of the gospel. The whole counsel of God must be made known, Acts 20:27. Christ shows them why they should be of good cheer. Their sufferings witnessed against those who oppose his gospel. When God calls us to speak for him, we may depend on him to teach us what to say. 

Yeshua is describing what we are to expect from those in the “den of wolves,”  We are to avoid all things which give an advantage to our enemies, all meddling with worldly or political concerns, all appearance of evil or selfishness, and all underhand measures. Yeshua forewarns troubles, not only that the difficulties might not be a surprise, but that they might confirm our faith. He tells us what we should suffer, and from whom. Thus Yeshua has dealt fairly and faithfully with us, in showing us the worst we can meet within his service; and he would have us deal so with ourselves, in sitting down and counting the cost. Persecutors are worse than beasts, in that they prey upon those of their own kind. The most durable bonds of love and duty, have often been broken through from enmity against Yeshua. Sufferings from friends and relations are very grievous; nothing cuts more. It appears plainly that all who will live godly in Yeshua (Christ Jesus) must suffer persecution, and we must expect to enter into the kingdom of God through many tribulations. With these predictions of trouble, are counsels and comforts for a time of trial. 

 Many who will be encountered will not accept the “virgin birth” and attempt discrediting it in your mind. Our Lord is sending us out into all the world to teach all nations first the Jews as God has a tender concern for the house of Israel they were beloved for the Father’s sakes, (Romans 11:28). He looks upon them as lost sheep, whom he as their shepherd is to gather out of the path of sin and error, which they have gone astray, and if not brought back, will wander endlessly see (Jeremiah 2:6). Like the Apostle Paul, we must also recognize the Gentiles are lost sheep (1Peter 2:25) and precious in the eyes of Yeshua as well. Knowing God has another task for both converted Jew (Messianic), and Gentile and Christian is now only revealing what that mission is to be. IMG_20170421_160346.jpg

However, before God is going to reveal that task, I believe there is a message for all to hear which is meant to define the image of those in God’s flock of modern day disciples and how he perceives us personally. When we think of how God visualizes us, is it as the spirit or the flesh? I believe He sees us in our temples (body). But recognizes us as the spirit in our temple, as we were when He breathed life into created man. (As the Divine Being is infinite, he is neither limited by parts nor definable by passions; therefore He can have no corporeal image of which He made the body of a man.) And acknowledges the wisdom He gave us in the soul (God is the fountain whence this soul issued. Hence the stream must resemble the spring which produced it. God is Holy, just, wise, good, and perfect; so must the soul be that sprang from Him. There could be in it nothing impure, unjust, ignorant, evil, low, base, mean, or vile). It was created in the image of God; and that image, Apostle Paul in Ephesians 4:24, Colossians 3:10 tells us, consisted in righteousness, true holiness and righteous in actions. The text tells us he (man) was the work of (Yahewa) to show he was the masterpiece of God’s creation having all the Godheads represented as united in counsel and effort to produce this astonishing creature.

Our Father I believe in revealing to us how He Yahewa visualizes us in the spirit does not see Religions, Sects, or denominations. So with that in mind, I am now sharing what the Holy Spirit has revealed while I was researching this article Scripturally. It came to me as a group of questions; “Why are my children, my flock, so separated? Am I not the God of all those I have created? Do not my laws apply to all those within creation? Do my children not understand my statutes are eternal? And finally did I not call all to come back to my Laws? My mind was racing my heart was pounding, and then the Holy Spirit showed me to not be concerned as he was going to lead me to the answers I will be sharing, so we all understand what our Father is asking and looking for.

In my opening statement, I spoke about the virgin birth and the non-acceptance of the Jewish believers and briefly touched on how that may have been misinterpreted. I must qualify here that what I am writing is what I was shown in the scriptures to show. God wants to have His children worshipping Him as followers of His Words and Laws in unity not as Jews or Christians but as His children in the form He created us in, spiritually, with one heart. You see the Holy Spirit reminded me there is no gender in the spirit we are just that a spirit who will live eternally some with God some apart from God. “Ok stop” take a deep breathe since we all know “all” have knowledge of God all of us, there are no exceptions because we were created in His image spiritually. When the downfall occurred, we were separated spiritually from God. The separation some will accept and acknowledge the truth and develop a relationship with God re-attaching themselves spiritually with the Father through the son Yeshua’s Grace and Salvation. 

We are to inform people the “kingdom of the Messiah,” who is the Lord in heaven, is now being set up according to the scriptures. That mankind should repent of their sins and forsake them so they too might be admitted to the privileges of that kingdom. Matthew Henry (1662 – 1774) comments. They went out (Mark6:12) and preached that men should repent which was the proper use and application of this doctrine, concerning the approach of the kingdom of heaven. They must, therefore, expect to hear more of this long looked for Messiah shortly. And must be ready to receive his doctrine, to believe in him, and to submit to his yoke. The preaching of this was like the morning light, to give notice of the approach of the rising sun.  People need to have ethical truths preached again and again upon them, and if they are taught and heard with new affections, they are as if they were fresh to us. Yeshua, in the gospel, is the same yesterday, today, and forever, (Hebrews 13:8).

Now once the Spirit is poured out and the Church body has formed we now must continue speaking of the “kingdom of the Messiah” it must be the subject of our preaching. We must tell the people it has happened, that it has come to them and must lay before them the precepts and privileges of it and the glory of the kingdom yet to come. 

When the Lord is instructing us to be wise as serpents, he is cautioning us to use our Spiritual gifts those heavenly secrets revealed through the Holy Spirit. The blessings, knowledge, discernment, courage, strength, determination, and faith. Not to “remove mountains” or “fetch fire from heaven.” We are to pray for the healing of the sick,  and intimate to the world that love and goodness are the spirit and genius of our gospel we preach. And it is our job to teach the Ekklesia about the  “Kingdom of the Messiah” as his lost sheep, not as Jews or as Christians or Messianic Jews but as lost sheep or as children of God gone astray.  

Matthew Henry (1662 -1774) reveapexels-photo-808467ls the description of some he believes we will encounter as we go forward doing God’s work. Proverbs 20:6 “ It is easy to find those that will pretend to be kind and liberal. Many a man will call himself a man of mercy, will boast what good he has done and what good he designs to do, or, at least, what an affection he has to well-doing. Most men will talk a great deal about their charity, generosity, hospitality, and piety will sound a trumpet to themselves, like the Pharisee’s. And what little good they have will proclaim it and make a mighty matter of it. But it is hard to find those that really are kind and liberal, that have done and will do more than either they speak of or care to hear spoken of. That will be true friends in a strait, such a one as one may trust to is like a black swan.” 

Proverbs 20:5 “Mans wisdom is here said to be of use to him for the pumping of other people, and diving into them, to get the knowledge of them. Though men’s counsels and designs are ever so carefully concealed by them so that they are as deep water which one cannot fathom. Yet there are those who by sly insinuations, and questions that seem foreign, will get out of them both what they have done and what they intend to do. Those therefore who would keep counsel must not only put on a resolution but stand upon their guard. To get knowledge from them. Some are very able and fit to give counsel, having an excellent faculty of cleaving a hair, hitting the joint of difficulty, and advising pertinently, but they are modest and reserved and not communicative. They have a great deal in them, but it is loth to come out. In such a case a man of understanding will draw it out, as wine out of a vessel. We lose the benefit we might have by the conversation of wise men for want of the art of being inquisitive.   


IMG_-8hk1vz.jpgHeavenly Father bring us before your throne Lord fill us with your wisdom. That we might recognize evil in all of its forms. Loose unto us discernment so we will know the spirit of those we are encountering in your name Lord. Fill us with your words and courage to share to all we meet during our journey. Gentle our hearts Lord that we may be the dove’s you have called us to be. We pray for your courage to be upon us to be silent and brave when threatened. This we pray in your name Yeshua. Amen and Amen


In my opening statement, I spoke about finding various items through research which influence us as we journey through this world. The answer I discovered through this article is quite simple, yet it carries such a significant impact on our various religious communities. For Centuries it has placed one sector or another under persecution and subjected them even to this day a profound culture of hatred towards the teachings of our Lord and those who follow it. 


Yet what I see is something we as humans possibly forget to acknowledge and accept as a significant factor. That we are housed in a body shaped, formed and brought to life by God when he breathed a part of His Spirit into it (Gen. 2:7). Shared His knowledge with our Soul and provided us with Eden (Gen.2:8,15).  As well at that time, He poured His love into our lives, and we were spiritually connected to Him. Remember we all are descendants of Adam and Eve who I speak of from here forward because through them we at one time were spiritually connected to the Father, the creator of all mankind. 

Here is where our current walk being separated from God’s Spirit begins because we through Adam and Eve partook of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Up to this point, we were still Spiritually connected directly to God in our newly created bodies which housed a share of Gods Spirit. We at that time had heavenly bodies which were in the form of a spirit ( Gen.2:25, naked) but did not know sin. But once we knew we were naked (knowledge of sin Gen.3:7) we were separated from God spiritually, and our spiritual housing became Fleshly (Human), and we now have knowledge of death (Gen.3:19). So, now, our journey back to being connected to God Eternally was at a beginning, and we were soon going to find out another Spirit (the fallen Angel Satan) was fighting for our soul because he caused our initial separation from God our true spiritual Father. 

What is my point, we already know all of this? My point is at this particular time we stopped seeing ourselves as an eternal spirit due to being separated from God spiritually? Our knowledge of once being attached to God is with each person now born into this world of death. As well the knowledge of what Eden was to us is shared as well with those born into this world.

Here is where those who chose to be Fishers of Men with their knowledge of who our real Father is and how we were separated from Him. Can teach how to become re-attached spiritually to Him. They can use Yeshua’s teachings and messages from the Holy Spirit how we (now Humans) as that eternal spirit God our Father breathed into the created man. Can walk that narrow path re-attached to God, through His Son Yeshua back to Life and Eternity which we once knew in our memories as the garden of Eden and now call Heaven.

Personally, when I meet or come upon or have the Lord lead a fellow human into my journey do not only see the body. I look for the spirit of the person within the  temple, eye contact, the saying is ‘true,'”Eyes are the gateway to the Spirit and Soul of the person.” Knowing there is no gender as a spirit and believing this is how Yeshua recognizes and deals with me “as a spirit,” then why would I look at others as flesh only. I acknowledge their body as a housing which is dying but deal with them as a spirit within that temple. The flesh is not what I’m attempting to rescue anyways. It becomes much more straightforward to deal with all the different situations presented because now I can appeal to the soul of the person. Where the memory and knowledge of God are genuinely housed either to be awakened or nurtured, depending on where the individual is in their Spiritual journey. Please note: I am sure you already know this, but just in case you may have forgotten not all want the Father in their lives. The dog returning to his vomit and sow wallowing in the mire (2Peter 2:22) you will know them quickly their eyes are dead a pool of darkness. 

As a guide the Holy Spirit lead me to Proverbs 20:9 Matthew Henry’s (1662 – 1774) comments shine a light on who we are really dealing with: “This question is not only a challenge to any man in the world to prove himself sinless, whatever he pretends. But a lamentation of the corruption of mankind, even that which remains in the best, Alas! Who can say, “I am sinless?” Who the persons are that are excluded from these pretensions-all, one as well as another. Here, in this imperfect state, no person whatsoever can pretend to be without sin. Adam could say so in innocency, and saints can say so in heaven, but none in this life. Those that think themselves as good as they should be cannot, nay, and those that are really good will not dare not, say this. What the pretension is that is excluded. We cannot say, we have made our hearts clean. though we can say, through grace, “we are cleaner than we have been,” yet we cannot say “We are clean and pure from all remainders of sin.” We cannot say we ourselves made our own hearts clean.” It was the work of the Spirit. Or, though we are pure from the sins of many others, yet we cannot say, “We are pure from our sin, the sin that easily besets us, the body of death which Paul complained of,” (Romans 7:24). pexels-photo-207529

God’s blessings to all who have taken on the mantle of a “Fisher of Men” go in peace strength and knowledge you are reconnected Spiritually to God and will journey on the narrow path to “Life and Eternity. 

Remember these articles are from a humble servant of Yeshua as a Watchman passing on the messages as received from the Holy Spirit. Remember God has called us back to walking in His Laws. May our Lord bless and keep you as you go forward in His name. God’s blessings.


About Yeshua's Watchman

Yeshua, as a Watchman. This I pray for all. ” Our Heavenly Father brings us to the river which bringeth forth fruit so we may partake of its sustenance and be filled spiritually with nurturing wisdom and humble dedication in service to Yeshua. “Blessings to All.” As you go forward in peace, knowledge, and strength
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