OPENING COMMENTARY by Robert: Yahweh called us out of the Worldly churches and false teachings asking for an audit of our walk and position of who we follow. For those who have chosen to follow Yahweh, the Holy Spirit has and will continue to provide information for guidance in the right direction.
Having been shown who Baal-zebub (Climate Change Movement through the Goddess GAIA Queen of Mother Earth ) is and how easy it is to get caught up following this false goddess not realizing what you’re involved in. These articles are not about the evil they are written as guidelines for finding the truth and staying on the right path moving forward with Yeshua. Our Lord through the Holy Spirit reveals the need for continuous publishing for those coming out of the dark who will require information to continue moving forward into the light, or they might weaken and fall back into the darkness they just left. Thus God’s Hard work would be undone, not an option.
This question, Why then, do men still think they can get away with a “NOBODY IS WATCHING MOMENT”? Whether you want to admit it, we are all guilty of either thinking it or actually following through with it. These moments are what draw us away from His truth and cause stumbling or simply losing sight of the path we are on.
I believe it is at this time in our thought process we find ourselves having to make a decision do I or don’t I ignore God’s laws? Because when we choose to sin no matter the depth of the sin, we are rebuking Yahweh’s, Love. It’s just as easy to say no as it is to say yes however because we ignore God is omnipotent, knows all, sees all, knows what’s in our mind, the BRAT or IMP in us believes just for a moment we can get away with the consequences of our decisions and actions. It’s with triviality we draw God down to our level and don’t think you haven’t at one time or another hoping He might be looking the other way these thoughts coming from the Worldly churches false teachings, which expound God in man’s image rather than the deity He is.
We know in Yahweh’s laws we will find His Perfect Love that’s why “Thou shalt have none other gods before me.” We are shown His greatness through CREATION.
God says “Thou shalt not make thee any graven image, or any likeness of anything in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the waters beneath the earth.” knowing our weakness as humans.

Historical writings from the Apocrypha relate how the Prophet Daniel proved to King Astyages of Persia which at the time worshiped BEL was a false god. The King went daily to adore Bel which had twelve great measures of fine flour, and forty sheep and six vessels of wine offered every day. The King asked Daniel why he did not worship Bel and Daniel answered I might not worship idols made with hands, but the living God, who hath created the heaven and the earth, and hath sovereignty over all flesh. Then said the King unto Daniel Thinkest thou not that Bel is a living God? Seest thou not how much he eateth and drinketh every day?
Daniel smiled, and said, O King, be not deceived: for this is but clay within, and brass without, and did never eat or drink anything. So the King was wroth, and called for his priests, and said unto them, if ye tell me not who this is that devoureth these expences, ye shall die. But if ye can certify me that Bel devoureth them, then Daniel shall die: for he hath spoken blasphemy against Bel. Daniel said unto the king, Let it be according to thy word.
Now the priests of Bel were threescore and ten, beside their wives and children. And the king went with Daniel into the temple of Bel. So Bel’s priests said Lo, we go out: but thou, O king, set on the meat, and make ready the wine, and shut the door fast and seal it with thine own signet. And tomorrow when thou comest in, if Thou findest not that Bel hath eaten up all, we will suffer death: or else Daniel, that speaketh falsely against us.
And they little regarded it: for under the table they had made a privy entrance, whereby they entered in continually, and consumed those things.
So when they were gone forth, the king set meats before Bel. Now Daniel had commanded his servants to bring ashes, and those they strewed throughout all the temple in the presence of the king alone: then went they out, and shut the door, and sealed it with the king’s signet, and so departed.
Now in the night came the priests with their wives and children, as they were wont to do, and did eat and drink up all.
In the morning time the king arose, and Daniel with him. And the king said Daniel, are the seals whole? And he said, Yea, O king, they be whole. And as soon as he had opened the door, the king looked upon the table, and cried with a loud voice, Great art thou, O Bel, and with thee is no deceit at all.
Then laughed Daniel, and held the king that he should not go in, and said, Behold now the pavement, and mark well whose footsteps are these. And the king said I see the footsteps of men, women, and children. And the king was angry and took the priests with their wives and children, who showed him the privy doors, where they came in and consumed such things as were upon the table.
Isn’t it strange how in today’s Society we have thousands worldwide following a movement they believe is going to save the World for their children’s future? There are numerous debates and various disclosures the facts being presented have been falsified or altered to appear as being scientifically accurate.
I find it strange there apparently are graphs for the last 40 years showing no global warming increases over that period. It seems odd initially they were claiming the ozone layer was being depleted rapidly over Antarctica and the Arctic, which would affect the polar caps on both ends of the world releasing huge amounts of water flooding the coastal regions by 100’s feet of water. Apparently, this was to happen somewhere in 2014 which it hasn’t, doesn’t that make you wonder. In the meantime, the nieve population have bought into this false religion which has become a way of living in fear, bolstered by false news items daily.

There are full-length movies showing the speculation the events being portrayed will occur fostering global fear even further. I would like to say like Daniel I can show you their footprints in the scattered ashes, but I can’t. What I can do is show it is God who is in control and only God can change what is happening environmentally.
I wrote this article a few years back and refer to it now as it shows how God can use our environmental power to influence all nature of things i.e. one Valcano erupted in 1991 and affected the worlds temperatures rain in certain areas draughts and various other events.
I am going to ask you again to use your imaginations like I did with Paul only this time we are going to listen to Yeshua answer a question his apostles asked of Him in Luke 21:7. Before I release that lesson I want to set the stage because I believe in His answer we are going to see why Yehwah called us out of the Worldly churches and false teachings. He is going to reveal why it was so important for us to make a choice whether to follow God or Baal. Why it is so important we get our house in order knowing there is no walking in the middle or that we can’t have those “NOBODY IS WATCHING MOMENTS”!
Luke 21:7 And they asked him, saying Master, but when shall these things be? and what sign will there be when these things shall come to pass? v8: And he said, Take heed that ye be not deceived: for many shall come in my name, saying I am Christ and the time draweth near: go ye not therefore after them. v9; But when ye shall hear of wars and commotions, be not terrified: for these things must first come to pass; but the end is not by and by. v10: Then said he unto them Nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: v11: And great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences, and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven.
I believe the current Worldly events along with environmental occurances are signaling we are entering into those times and in the next verses Yeshua is going to reveal the very reason Yehwah called us to follow His laws: get our walk in order prepare for what is ahead for all. What Yeshua is revealing and guaranteeing is for those who are walking in God’s laws and Love.

Know who it is they are following where they are going and what they are about to receive and why. v12: But before all these, they shall lay their hands on you, and persecute you, delivering you up to the synagoges, and into prisons, being brought before kings and rulers for my names sake. v13: And it shall turn to you for a testimony. v14: Settle it therefore in your hearts, not to meditate before what ye shall answer. v15: For I will give you a mouth and wisdom, which all your adversaries shall not be able to gainsay nor resist. v16: And ye shall be betrayed both by parents, and brethren, and kinsfolks, and friends,and some of you shall they cause to put to death. v18: But there shall not an hair of your head perish. v19: In your patience possess ye your souls. v20: And when ye shall see Jerusalem compassed with armies, then know that the desolation thereof is nigh.
Like the people of Elijah’s era who had fallen away from God and worshipped Baal today many have fallen away from God’s laws and covenants and in many ways worship Baal i.e. “GAIA Queen Mother of EARTH” disguised as “CLIMATE CHANGE” initially known as “GLOBAL WARMING”.
Yahweh proved He is the only God through the Actions of Elijah in 1Kings 18:37 -39″Hear me O Lord, hear me, that these people may know that thou art the Lord God, and that thou hast turned their heart back again. v38 Then the fire of the Lord fell and consumed the burnt sacrifice, and the wood, and the stones, and the dust, and licked up the water that was in the trench”. v39 and when all the people saw it, they fell on their faces: and they said, The LORD, he is the God; the LORD, he is the God.
I see our Father working another way as we no longer perform sacrifices in His name. What I believe Yahweh is doing through the audit is having each who will search, learn and gather all of the weak areas, improper teachings, false readings, false prophecies and diligently place them before Yeshua’s throne that He may forgive, cleanse and wipe out all those thoughts memories traditions and customs.

Once we recognize our cleansing within these actions, we will similarly as the people of Elijah’s era did, fall on our faces and give praise that Yahweh is God Almighty. Thus bringing Yahweh’s call to have His children walking in His laws and covenants to receive all the blessings and protection which go with them. And as Yeshua called us to do in Luke 21;19 In your patience possess ye your souls.
Commentary from Mathew Henry on 2Chronicles 15 brings to light some very important facts about how God reacts to our actions or inactions.
Here was a prophet sent to Asa and his army, when they returned victorious from the war with the Ethiopians, not to compliment them and congratulate them on their success, but to quicken them to their duty; this is the proper business of God’s ministers, even with princes and the greatest men.
Which I believe pertains to Yeshua’s words and where we as Victors coming out of darkness should pay heed to. The Spirit of God came upon the prophet both to instruct him what he should say and to enable him to say it with clearness and boldness. He told them plainly upon what terms they stood with God. Let them not think that, having obtained this victory, all was their own for ever, no, he must let them know they were upon their good berhaviour. Let them do well, and it will be well with them, otherwise not. The Lord is with you while you are with him. This is both a word of comfort, that those who keep close to god shall always have his presence with them, and also a word of caution. “He is with you, while you are with Him but no longer; you have now a signal token of his favorable presence with you, but the continuance of it depends upon your perseverence in the way of your duty. This is proven out in Hebrews 11:6 But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.
In all of this there is a message to everyone who has Salvation through faith, like the prophet relayed to Asa and his army relish the victory but don’t let complacency enter into your walk be diligently seeking Him.
The prophet goes on to state If you seek him, he will be found of you. Sincerely desire his favor, and aim at it. Pray, and you shall prevail. He never said, nor ever will, Seek you me in vain. But “if you forsake him and his ordanancces, he is not tied to you, but will certainly forsake you, and then you are undone, your present triumphs will be no security to you; woe to you when God departs.” Mathew Henry commentary of 2 Chronicles 15.

I believe the downfall and movement of our churches towards becoming worldly started with the accceptance of the Evolution movement which for years ran parallel to Creation on a Secular level.

But somewhere it seeped into the churches and once excepted over Creation removed the Holy Spirit as the teacher and leader.

There is no identification of God in evolution as there is in Creation thus no God no Holy Spirit to lead the way. Again we see what Paul warns us of in Romans 6:13 Neither yield ye your members as instruments of unrighteousness unto sin: but yield yourselves unto /god,

.as those that are alive from the dead, and your members as instruments of righteousness unto God.

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Yeshua, as a Watchman. This I pray for all. ” Our Heavenly Father brings us to the river which bringeth forth fruit so we may partake of its sustenance and be filled spiritually with nurturing wisdom and humble dedication in service to Yeshua. “Blessings to All.” As you go forward in peace, knowledge, and strength
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