After receiving further information through twitter post, I started digging into The background for Iqra Khalid’s background. What I found made me wonder if she was vetted by the Liberals in her riding. This young lady is affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood through her membership with the Muslim Student Association as the President while attending York University (early 2000’s).  

This organization was founded by the adherents of the Muslim Brotherhood in 1963. It appears this Association has a series of alumni who have become suicide bombers, ISIS fighters, and ISIS propagandists. (As reported by TSEC

Who is the Muslim brotherhood and what is their purpose in Canada? I found this 2014 report and am sharing it as direct information of what this organization is and its goals and motives within Canada and the USA. 

Muslim Brotherhood in North America

The Terrorism and Security Experts of Canada Network (TSEC) has just issued a report documenting Muslim Brotherhood activity in North America.

Via Blazing Cat Fur, here are the summary of findings:
Canada has a significant presence of Muslim Brotherhood adherent individuals and organizations.
Their values and actions are frequently the antithesis of the Canadian Constitution, values and law. Despite statements to the contrary, the Muslim Brotherhood considers itself above local laws and national constitutions.
The Muslim Brotherhood’s use of settlement and the “process of civilization jihad” has proven effective. The long term aim is to globally impose a virulent form of political Islam to the exclusion of other faiths or systems.
Internationally, the Muslim Brotherhood is realigning under pressure as old alliances crumble and opportunities arise. An aggressive posture is re-emerging which has used extensive political violence in the past.
The policy and process of denial is deeply rooted in the Muslim Brotherhood.
Muslim Brotherhood adherent groups should not be given governmental accreditation, access to public grants nor should they have charity status.
Canada’s stance against Muslim Brotherhood adherent organizations in recent years has been more aggressive than the USA, especially in financial areas. 
So now knowing that Iqra Khalid was the president of the Muslim Student Association and reading the previous information about the North American Muslim Brotherhood and realizing they espouse antitheistic doctrine towards Canadian Constitution values and laws. In my estimation is further proof that Iqra Khalid is attempting to institute Sharia law into Canada through M103 as I described in earlier articles. By having it passed in the house without a definition of Islamophobia and then asking the UN/OIC to define it, only fuels the NAMB to espouse its antitheistic doctrine to all Muslims in Canada that Sharia is the Law of the Land through their antitheistic doctrine. 

I believe the following organizations would be used to funnel their antitheistic doctrine of Sharia in both Canada and the USA.

Selected Examples of Muslim Brotherhood adherent organizations in North America
Canada United States of America
ISNA Islamic Society of North America  ISNA Islamic Society of North America
MSA The Muslim Student Association  MSA The Muslim Student Association
  UASR United Association for Studies and Research 
The Palestine Committee in North America and Canada The Palestine Committee in North America and Canada
Council for American Islamic Relations (Canada) CAIR-CAN

(now known as) National Council of Canadian Muslims NCCM

Council for American Islamic Relations
IRFAN International Relief Fund for the Afflicted and Needy (formerly JFHS)  
Benevolence International Fund Canada Benevolence International Fund
ICNA – Islamic Circle of North America  ICNA – Islamic Circle of North America
Muslim Youth of Canada (ISNA youth wing) Muslim Youth of North America (ISNA USA youth wing)
The Fiqh Council of North America  The Fiqh Council of North America 
North American Islamic Trust North American Islamic Trust
World Assembly of Muslim Youth * 1972 (financial and organizational support) World Assembly of Muslim Youth * 1972 (financial and organizational support)
Muslim World League* 1962 (support) Muslim World League* 1962 (support)
Muslim American Society (Canada) Muslim American Society
Muslim Association of Canada  
MYNA Muslim Youth of North America (defunct) MYNA Muslim Youth of North America (defunct)

*Based in Saudi Arabia.  Most funding to North America has now been cut off by the Saudi government.

So Canadians I think it’s time to become more than concerned about Bill M103 and it’s ramifications. We need to inform our MP’s that this so-called clean bill is really a stick of dynamite waiting to blow up our faces. As for Mr. Mulchairs concerns about Islamophobia, I think he better take a look at what he has opened the door to. So you completely understand what we are dealing with here I have included their Motto which I find quite unsettling, you be the judge, as well keep in mind their primary objective is to usurp all religions and install Sharia worldwide.

The Motto of the Muslim Brotherhood[iii] is:

Allah is our objective.

The Prophet is our leader.

Qur’an is our law.

Jihad is our way.

Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope  

My question now goes beyond Iqar Khalid’s M103 bill what of the other Muslim MP’s and their affiliation with this group. Here is an incident involving MP Omar Alghabra, MP Salma Zahid and MP Iqar Khalid here is the event as reported in Full REPORT by Nancy  June 13, 2016.

  3 Liberal MP’s harass reporter because of Muslim Brotherhood connection – Full Report

The following story shows how Liberal MP’s are censoring the media from questioning them about their links to radical Islam.

On a bright sunny Saturday afternoon, I saw MP Omar Alghabra walking to an event stage with two other MPs, Salma Zahid and Iqra Khalid. I was standing with my wife, Haleema Sadia and a few friends at the Halal Food Festival, Celebration Square Mississauga.

As we knew all three MPs, my wife and I greeted them. My wife, an anchor person, asked MP Omar Alghabra to come to our TAG TV Studio. Alghabra blasted us in return and pointed out to me that I wrote a misleading article against him and the infiltration of Islamists to the liberal party.

I answered that I didn’t write any misleading article.

Then he opened his smart phone and showed me my article with the title, “Brotherhood Front Groups Target Canadian Parliament,” that was published  April 3, 2014.

He accused me of attacking the Muslim Brotherhood, Jama’at-e-Islami and other Muslim groups in that article and called me a discredited journalist. He then lectured me about ethics of journalism for around fifteen minutes.

MP Salma Zahid jumped into the discussion and accused me of mentioning her name against previous government’s Bill C51 (that I never did). Then MP Iqra Khalid accused me of associating her with Jama’at-e-Islami.

Sadly, the way those MPs surrounded and harassed me and my wife that Saturday afternoon prove my fears what I have expressed in the same article two years ago.

I have always been a firm believer that if someone attacks me fervently about an issue or article I have associated them with, it most likely is true. As for Iqra Khalid denying affiliation with Jama’at-et-Islam here’s what they are all about and I can see why she would attack you be the judge.

  jamaat-e-Islami – Bing

  1. Jamaat-e-Islami is a social conservative and Islamist political party. Its objective is to make Pakistan an Islamic state, governed by Sharia law, through gradual, legal, political process. The JI strongly objects to and opposes concepts such as capitalism, liberalism, socialism and secularism, as well as economic practices such as offering bank interest.
    For what it’s worth I am expressing my concerns about M103 and will continue to dig for further information. I am not stating Iqra Khalid is affiliated but thought it interesting info about the group and why she was so adamant about not being a member. I can see why sounds like the plan being used here in Canada but could be just a coincidence. 

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