CANADIANS WAKE UP!!! We are being attacked by a Canadian Muslim MP Iqra Khalid using Bill M103 by not defining Islamophobia, hopes through subtlety to install Motion M103 and then through the United Nations induct a definition of what Islamophobia accepted by the 56 Muslim majority bloc of the United Nations known as the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).

“The OIC wants to see the Cairo Declaration on Human rights become the template for Islamophobia policies everywhere. The Cairo Declaration asserts the superiority of Islam and defines freedom of speech according to Sharia law, which considers any criticism of Muhammad blasphemy.” as quoted by Mr. Maxime Bernier who is vying for CPC party leadership.
On a personal note; I have been labeled as an Islamophobic person because I pointed out that having elected Muslims in our gov’t could spell trouble in the future. It was quickly pointed out to me that these individuals were real hard working business people who mean no harm. I should reconsider my position and not be so prejudicial towards Muslims
Well, I am now calling into question the point I made over a year ago and am now revealing one of those hard working harmless individuals, MP Iqra Khalid, is trying to slip in Sharia Law through the back door.
Her method is quite simple to have M103 passed without a definition of Islamophobia and then later call on the United Nations to define it for us, using The Cario Declaration as the means of description. This, of course, means our motion which would be debated would then adopt the following as part of that definition that the superiority of Islam would define free speech according to Sharia Law. This then means if we say anything against Islam it is against Muhammad and then considered Blasphemy. That Ladies and Gentlemen is the way, you lose your freedom of speech without even realizing you have. Now, remember I am stating this is in the minds of Canadian Muslims who desire to follow Sharia and will if this passes in-house even as a motion, in their minds it supersedes Canadian Criminal Code and Constitution. We may see it as harmless the Muslim population will see it as the law to be followed as defined by the Cairo Declaration and will live by it. 
So now I am pointing out that this attempt at slipping M103 is subtle I am now wondering how many other items of law will follow or have already been passed.
Mr. Maxime Bernier points out “M-103 is not a bill: It’s not going to change any of the country’s laws or going to affect freedom of speech by itself. It’s just a motion which expresses an opinion of Members of Parliament.” And then expresses some personal concern without defining them.
Our Prime Minister has placed our country in a perilous place through either sheer ignorance or complacent attitude towards the citizens of Canada. He allows a criminal who lied on official documents about her place of birth to remain in Caucus, now we see another Liberal Muslim MP Iqra Khalid trying to sneak through a motion which would strip Canadians the right to free speech in the minds of Muslims throughout Canada.
How much more do we as citizens need to endure these clandestine efforts to change Canada’s Laws, customs, and traditions? I don’t know about you, but I have had enough of the skulduggery within our gov’t which I now do not trust to hold the best interests of the Canadian people and our lifestyle and heritage.
I think we need to have a signed petition sent to the Governor General or the Queen if need be to dissolve this government as it is not functioning in the best interests of Canadians and is ultimately placing Canadians lives in danger.
How do I draw this conclusion? You must consider why this motion up for debate must be stricken from our laws and not even debated.
I cite Bill M103 as the example if debated and considered in the house would in the minds of all Canadian Muslims open the door for them to consider Sharia Law as being implemented as the form of Freedom of Speech law in Canada. Thus allowing them Canadian Muslims to believe they can persecute and execute under Sharia law.
Meaning any Canadian citizen who speaks against Islam in any way to be a blasphemer and subject to punishment under Sharia law which is death. It’s imperative to take into consideration Islamic’s are adopting and following the Cairo Declaration which asserts the superiority of Islam and defines freedom of speech according to Sharia law. This opens the door for Islamic’s to create their own form of judgment in their minds as the law superseding Canadian Criminal Code and Constitution.
This may sound far-fetched and impossible, better take a good look at what actually is being presented. A motion without the definition of Islamophobia to be debated in Parliament will have serious consequences. Don’t be lulled into thinking these Muslim MP’s are just hard working business people who have switched to politics.
These are dedicated Muslim individuals following their beliefs in Islam and through subtlety are foisting their will onto this great nation, who have been lulled into a state of euphoria by political correctness. As well as the desire to be seen compassionate and caring, now are unable to see the truth before them.
I am a dedicated proud Canadian who wants to be seen as compassionate caring and open-minded to the needs of those being displaced by war and unrest in their countries. I am open minded enough to accept others do not worship as I do and that tolerance towards others worshiping their form of beliefs is right.
However, I do not want others to think and believe because I am compassionate I am a push over or a fool. I have never aspired to the politically correct movement as I believe that it destroys being responsible for your actions whether verbally or physically and creates an atmosphere of I know its wrong but I do not want to offend thus showing weakness or commitment while avoiding responsibility for our personal actions in the name of civility.
Our society has fallen victim to allowing a sector of our society to dictate the course of destruction through misplaced manners.
WAKE UP CANADIANS your right to free speech will be gone if M103 is considered and you will in the minds of all Muslims be living under Sharia law and fall under threat of death in the minds of those Islamist’s whether radical or not, This is not a joke.
Proud Canadian not afraid to speak up or call black/black or white/white or speak my mind, even if it may occasionally offend the one who requires receiving the truth. If this sounds judgmental and/or prejudicial so be it. I believe it to be the truth and pray all will seek their level of truth in it. Keep in mind Islam wants to conquer the World destroy all other religions especially Christianity.
Heavenly Father I pray you hear my appeal for the nation and its peoples. Lord lose the spirits of understanding and discernment that all will come to see the truth before them. I ask Father that you would clear the minds of those MP’s about to vote on this bill M103 would have their minds cleared and recognize the peril they would place before their nation and its peoples. I pray, Father you loose angels unto them to bring understanding to them that they might see the truth. 
This I pray in your name in the name of Yeshua Amen.
Robert Rombough

About Yeshua's Watchman

Yeshua, as a Watchman. This I pray for all. ” Our Heavenly Father brings us to the river which bringeth forth fruit so we may partake of its sustenance and be filled spiritually with nurturing wisdom and humble dedication in service to Yeshua. “Blessings to All.” As you go forward in peace, knowledge, and strength
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  2. Bunnie Rombough says:

    Well said Robert, this I have tried to iterate in my online responses so I agree with you. I have never before, as you know, been one for politics but these are different times with dark clouds looming. I don’t know if all Muslim’s are Islamic and/or believe in Sharia Law but it is these people who believe in Sharia Law that are completely destructive to Canada as a country and the Canadians that believe in a Canada under it’s unchanged Constitution and unchanged Charter of Rights. God help us against a nation of people infiltrating Canada who are Islamic Sharia Law believers. Do your research now as later will be too late to change your mind as you will not have the right to do so if Bill M103 is voted in.


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