PRE-AMBLE: As this is the beginning of my sharing cycle, I would like to reveal how it is I minister to an assembly. There are some things I incorporate as verifications the message is from Our Lord through the Holy Spirit. The first is I will not deliver the message unless it is verified by the assemblies personal testimonies via online messaging through direct texting in Robert’s Domain. Once the message is confirmed, I then will begin by using a particular formula to bring forward a better understanding of the verse we are about to discern.

It is an easy formula once the scriptural verse is read we go back three verses and begin reading forward to the verse we are discerning. Once that is completed, we then go back three verses and read forward until we again reach the verse being discerned. It is through the information gathered, we complete the exercise and receive the blessings of the lesson. Please note some prefer to go further back and forward in the verses to gather even more information and understanding. I prefer the three on three personally. Once the message is verified it will be delivered via Robert’s Domain and as well posted at my WordPress site

Dec 18, 2016, Message Taken from 2Tim 2:7 Consider what I say, and the Lord give thee understanding in all things. 

When we use our formula of reading three verses before and three verses behind, it becomes clear what is expected of a follower of Yeshua to become a spiritual warrior. the vers we are studying is v4 No man that warreth entangles himself with the affairs of this life; that he may please him who hath chosen him to be a soldier. 

I am going to use Matthew Henry’s commentary of the 3 verses before and 3 behind, in this case, we will look at verses 4 – 6. 

V4. Our Father is asking those who are committed to His calling of warfare to be fully at the ready knowing they are going to endure great hardships as modern day disciples of the word. We know our times are perilous and in taking up the arms for warfare, we must do it in a manner that demonstrates our action so it cannot be seen or spoken of as being evil.

Now we look at V5. A Believer is to strive for masteries; he must aim at mastering his own lusts and corruptions. He must strive according to the laws given to him; he must strive lawfully. Those who do so shall be crowned at last, after a complete victory is obtained.

In V6. we see the believer must be willing to wait for recompense. The Husbandman that laboureth must partake of the fruits, as appears.

Then we reverse and start from V10. Good disciples may and should encourage themselves in the hardest services and the hardest sufferings, with this, that God will certainly bring good to his Flock, and benefit to his elect, out of them. That they may obtain the salvation which is in Yeshua. Next to salvation of our own soul’s we should be willing to do and suffer anything to promote the salvatio0n of the souls of others. The elect is designed to obtain salvation.

We recognize in V9. Paul was a man who did good, and yet suffered as an evil-doer: we must not think it strange if those who do well fare ill in this world, if the best of men meet with the worst of treatment; but this was his comfort that the word of God was not bound. 

Finally V8. finishes our information gathering so we might better understand and discern V7 we recognize Paul was encouraging Timothy: To encourage Timothy in suffering, the apostle puts him in mind of the resurrection of Yeshua. (2Tim.2:8) Yeshua the seed of David, was raised from the dead, according to my gospel. This is the great proof of his divine mission, and therefore a great confirmation of the truth of the Christian religion, and the consideration of it should make us faithful to the profession of our faith in Yeshua. And should particularly encourage us in suffering for it.

From this one verse and the information of the six verses we just read as additional background information, it becomes clear what v7 is calling for. We must adhere only to the leading of the Lord as it is the duty as a soldier to please his general; so as followers of Yeshua take great care to please Him. It is here we are reminded that our Father will provide understanding for all things bringing us to the knowledge that we will and must endure the hardships upon us still to come.

So as a reminder to all who pick up this mantle of leadership within their walk reflect on the resurrection of Yeshua. Which should make us faithful to our profession of following His teachings the incarnation and resurrection heartily believed and rightly measured will brace us under all sufferings in the present life.

To support this further, we should recognize through the Scriptures the Apostle Paul’s sufferings which he endured and know by these examples that the word of God was not bound. Understand nothing the enemy places before us can hinder the operation of the word of God upon men’s hearts and consciences, which cannot be confined by any human force. It is with this knowledge and assurance we will suffer showing our willingness to do something without complaining, for the salvation of our souls, recognizing this is why we are ready to do and suffer anything to promote the salvation of the souls of others.

I desire to conclude here to end the warning as a Watchman and pray you will recognize this method of discernment is our Lord showing you how to sharpen your Two-Edged Sword to an even keener sharpness as we are passing through the deep darkness shrouding the world today.  Remember discerning and understanding information brings about strength, courage, determination and the removal of fear.  

May our Father bestow His peace and discernment upon you all as you go forward in the name of Yeshua. AMEN AND AMEN.



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Yeshua, as a Watchman. This I pray for all. ” Our Heavenly Father brings us to the river which bringeth forth fruit so we may partake of its sustenance and be filled spiritually with nurturing wisdom and humble dedication in service to Yeshua. “Blessings to All.” As you go forward in peace, knowledge, and strength
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