“The Goddess is manifesting through each and every one of us in this time of crisis.” as quoted in Elephant Journal 2016/11 edition

In my posting “CAN THE WORLD BE DIFFERENT,” I revealed what I believe is the movement behind the CLIMATE CHANGE phenomena; called GAIA, MOTHER EARTH. I hope in this posting to supply detailed information for all those in the Environmental movement which through their enthusiastic participation may unknowingly be supporting and furthering the growth and spread of this PAGAN religion which is a part of the Globalization movement. As well expose those who knowingly are working to foment this movement further into our lives and society. 


The following links being displayed in this article will give us a look at how the postulates of GAIA  Mother Earth are manipulating and controlling the Climate Change movement and why globally we have been heading in the direction of Globalism as a result of those postulates influences. The Nov 8th election of President Elect Donald Trump represents a major blow and setback sending devastating shock waves through the GAIA and Climate Change and Globalization movements indicating there was an anticipated deepening of control if Hilary Clinton had won. The following statement by Ms. Amy Bammel Wilding shows just how widespread the GAIA movement Globally is and the depth its influence has reached within the Climate Change sector. The connecting link from where Ms. Wilding’s statement is quoted gives us further details of the movement.   

Amy Bammel Wilding in her Article published in the Elephant Journal Nov 27, 2016 States The women in my community echo the sentiment of millions of like-minded individuals the world over people who feel despair, loss, and fear—but also a deep impulse to do something, anything, to push back against the tidal wave of hate that we see washing over our country.”

Just how far reaching these postulates believed their influence had permeated the Climate Change group of followers is indicated by their attempting to influence voters to vote out individual Senators known to oppose Climate Change. 

Amanda Christman in Elephant Journal Nov/2016 edition states  “This is just one issue that will be affected by the November 8th election, but it is one that is vital to our survival on Earth. Until those who are paid off (or willfully ignorant) are voted out of office, the time bomb of climate change will continue to tick.”

Let’s Vote Out these Climate Change Denying Senators.

You will find a lengthy list of Senators, Ms. Christman, is alluding to listed in the Link above. If you check out the header of the article in this link, you will also see the subliminal messages these original postulates are using to persuade the public to join the Climate Change movement. 

The above links are just two of several which I chose to identify the depth of the postulates working behind the scenes has achieved in the Climate Change movement.  

In my article “CAN THE WORLD BE DIFFERENT” I eluded to having seen several paths but all of them lead to the same destination with the same conclusion. The links I described in this article are just two of the routes being used by the GAIA postulates as doorways of influence. These paths are doors leading to many different forms of temptations which the GAIA postulates use to draw the unsuspecting public into the Climate Change movement. When you click on the links in the left column you will see a display of the many Postulates, check out their bio’s and see what tools they subtly use to influence the unsuspecting public, interesting reading. The following video describes what GAIA actually represents.  

What I believe I am seeing is the GAIA movement is the foundation of the Global Warming movement which is supplying their postulates to recruit supporters of the Global Movement now called The Climate Change movement. Which in turn becomes the channel by which the Globalist Movement gains support for those they have chosen to represent them via Bureaucratic positions, in Civic, Provincial and Federal positions of influence which gives them access to State or Provincial leadership roles such as Governors, and Premiers and doesn’t stop there as Prime Ministers and Presidents are their ultimate goal.  Which they nearly achieved through Hillary Clinton, but have achieved in Canada through Justin Trudeau’s election as Prime Minister. They now have control over Canada through Soros as their representative who is dictating what cabinet appointments along with legislative policies and bills should be implemented to cement their hold over an extended period of time. Some other victories for the GAIA movement are in Ontario with Wynne as Premier and in Alberta with Notley as Premier. Both are implementing Climate Change mandates which are detrimental to their provincial budgets and welfare of the citizens.

Once they have positioned their choices into the various positions of power those individuals then begin appointing and hiring people supportive of their Climate Change mandates and begin to make changes throughout. Their goal is to create as many green based laws as possible supporting the Climate Change order. Their ultimate goal is to protect what they believe is the world’s environment, but in reality, they are unknowingly doing the work of those Postulates who represent GAIA Mother Earth. This leads the country and population under the control of the Globalization Movement representative who in North America is Soros. 

America you unknowingly dodged losing your Independence and Country as you know it, this election was a hard-fought campaign you thought was about personalities. The truth of the matter is this election was the basis of one of the largest Spiritual Battles between good and evil for the control of a nation and its people, ever fought in this realm without physical weapons of WAR. That is why the peoples of the country really could not understand what was taking place. 

The victory you are celebrating was won through the prayers of the many Spiritual Warriors who from around the World prayed for wisdom and common sense to rule over the peoples of America to see the truth of where they had been lead and where they were about to be further taken.  If you recall a poll showed 60 to 70% of people knew the country was going in the wrong direction but couldn’t discern why. The why was your nation was in a Major Spiritual Battle which was manifesting through the campaigns. Clinton’s nomination was  not by chance nor was the supposed female support which was alluded to as being overwhelming, these were part of the spiritual battle plans laid out by the Postulates of GAIA. Remember GAIA is a female Goddess.

These Prayers were to keep “America Godly” as it was founded on the motto “IN GOD WE TRUST.” So know whether you believe it or not I as a messenger of God believe He had a hand in this election, by overcoming the evil which desired to conquer your nation Spiritually under the guise of “CLIMATE CHANGE” and move it into Globalism under the control of Soros. Know this you have only won this latest battle Spiritually. There will be others to come as the enemy does not give up easily; as you are witnessing with the demonstrations and continued recriminations as the postulates regroup and plan.    

In the book of Malachi 3:7 the Lord is calling us back to Him, and we are asking “Wherein shall we return.” The answer to your question is in Yeshua’s teachings which are up to you to seek out and discern. But recognize what you just dodged and the mess it has left your country in and know that there can be better times and the “World Can Change”. Recognize as a nation if you come back to Yeshua’s teachings they will guide and protect you, your families and your freedoms within your country so “IN GOD WE TRUST” is true again in America who will guide your President and those he chooses to lead. AMEN.   

Remember these are just the opinions of a Retired servant of Yeshua for what they are worth.   

God’s blessings on All   

About Yeshua's Watchman

Yeshua, as a Watchman. This I pray for all. ” Our Heavenly Father brings us to the river which bringeth forth fruit so we may partake of its sustenance and be filled spiritually with nurturing wisdom and humble dedication in service to Yeshua. “Blessings to All.” As you go forward in peace, knowledge, and strength
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