I’m writing this article as an open letter to the Premier of Alberta Rachel Notley. In this letter, I am hoping reason within Ms. Notley will be awakened. In a short time, her government (NDP) will introduce a bill called “The Carbon Tax.”. There is speculation this bill will create severe hardships on many of Alberta’s citizens who have already suffered at the hands of the global downturn in oil prices which devastated the Oil and Gas industry within Alberta. The downturn resulted in thousands of layoffs, and as well companies closing their doors after many years of being in business.

With all of these situations in mind, I want to appeal to our Premier’s sensibilities, logic and reasoning. I like many Albertans recognize this policy has been a dream of hers for many years, and I also believe one of her planks in her political career making it one of her most notable acts of administration within the NDP party and Premiership of Alberta.

Premiere Notley, I recognize you have now attained the opportunity to work on your dream under the guise you are attempting to aid  Alberta’s opportunity to enter into the World Oil and Gas markets which I believe is a ruse. I hear your pleas and musings about creating thousands of jobs through the renewable programs touted as the answer to the hypothetical Global Warming scenario. I see how you think that Alberta should switch to renewable-based resources economy and phase out coal and oil entirely because you believe there are sufficient renewable resources to replace the coal and oil. I also recognize your belief that these resources are benefactors contributing to the demise of our environment and the world’s future. I acknowledge you believe you have the support of the youthful generation of Alberta’s population which in turn as well believe there are renewable resources which can and should replace Coal and Gas. I recognize you think those running the international markets want to hear Alberta is a leader in Climate change and renewable resources as the basis of our economy which you see as a lofty but credible challenge and one which will be accomplished over time as technology catches up to your dream.

I desire to make my position in this clearly understood I like many others do not believe humanity creates Global Warming. However, I do think nature is creating a cycle of change which we are contributing a minuscule part too. Of course, this is only my opinion however shared by a growing group of the World’s population, scientists and scholars.

So with that out of the way, I want to get to the meat of this letter which I hope you will find interesting enough to give it your most sincere thought and consideration first as a mother, then as an Albertan and finally as the Premier.

Now having your attention and knowing my intent I am asking you to set aside your 25 years of desiring, plotting, and planning this legislation. To be seen as your one political contribution to your family, citizens, and political party. I know and understand you will defend this belief to the end of time which you have proven to me and the province.

As you know, and acknowledge Albertans are wise in commerce and life. Our strong work ethic has aided in building a province the World was beating a path to, our success made us the heartbeat and soul of Canada’s economy.

Here is where I am asking you to set aside your 25 years of preparation to install your firm belief in renewable resources for a short time while I provide some opinions from a different viewpoint. I am appealing to your wisdom and concern as a mother first then as a citizen of Alberta, and not as the Premier. 

I see you being wise with the ability to reason once you have the facts from both sides of the story. I also recognize your desire to be respected within your beliefs and ability to research and discern and make sound decisions.

It is these skills and strengths I am appealing for you to set aside all of those years of planning for a few moments to consider your actions and the possible consequences of them. I am not asking for you to scrap anything what I am asking is for you to take a fresh approach to the implementation of your legislation. We all accept you are going to implement this plan I am asking you to consider the immediate and overall long term effect it is going to make on the populous of Alberta. Take into consideration the long term gains this plan will provide in comparison to the possible adverse effects; will the benefits outway the adverse consequences. Now I am not asking our Premier I’m talking to the mother and citizen and want you to recognize like everyone else how it’s going to affect you personally.

Get your eyes off of the tax benefits and other perks you as the Premier believe are possible and desire to happen. Place yourself in the shoes of those who are your neighbor’s, friends, business associates and acquaintances.  Try to see through their eyes how this is going to impact their lives, business and most of all families.

I believe we all know and understand there needs to be a change in our approach to the way we as a population are conducting ourselves, however, I think we do not need to be forced into a new plan.

Earlier I stated Albertans are wise business people keen workers who can and will adapt to changes once they have an opportunity to share their opinions and ideas which affect their livelihood and families.

Again I ask you to place yourself in their boots for a short time consider your proposal through their eyes feel the effects sense the hardships. Now can you in good conscience with an open mind consider hearing their logical and sensible appeals about your approach to introducing your legislation.

I believe the resistance you are feeling and hearing is due to the fact the populous has not had any input as well the changes are too quick, forced and without rational foundation. Albertan’s research throughout the world where similarly implemented programs showed no immediate results and limited to no jobs as a consequence of the programs. The citizens of Alberta are using Ontario as a source of reference which has been a disaster; I know your office claims that things were mismanaged, and you will do better. However, the same results are turning up in Germany and Great Britan, which make it tough to believe your rhetoric. Coupled with your connection to Ontario’s Premier Wynne during her recent visit has drawn even more skepticism towards your plan and its viability. The saying goes “guilty by association” and in this scenario, I believe it fits.

There is an understanding within the greater population technology is and will catch up to make renewable resources viable, but currently, they are heavily subsidized and unable to replace coal and oil. I believe the public would support an approach to slow change which begins and as technology is proven and available expanded.

I believe you are wise enough to know and understand you’re asking the population of a leading edge province to become guinea pigs of your long-time desire to become a renewable resource based economy at their expense. 

Yes, you have the majority government to implement and force the issue, however, please consider the long term consequences and there overall effect on Alberta and its population.

I know you believe you’re doing the right thing, and technology is going to catch up, and Alberta will be the leaders. I know you’re going to press forward I’m just asking you to consider a gentler approach as a lot of people are hurting right now, and there is no big hurry for a change happening. I’m not asking for a delay but a phased-in approach a gentler easier implementation perhaps over a four-year timeline a bit at a time as the Technology proves itself.

Remember walking in their boots when you’re making your final decision look to the future of how many issues were being created in the name of good. History has proven deadly to those who used dictatorial policy implementation. As a point of interest, “no substantial famine has ever occurred in any independent and democratic country with a relatively free press”. States Amartya Sen. Nobel Prize for economics Democracy as a Universal Value (1999). He further goes on to state “Nearly 30 million people died in the famine of 1958 – 1961, while faulty governmental policies remained uncorrected for three years.” Mr. Sen further states ” because the policies went uncriticized because there were no opposition parties in parliament no free press, and no multiparty elections.” “It is precisely this lack of challenge that allowed the deeply defective policies to continue even though they were killing millions of people each year”. 

I’m not suggesting your policies will kill, but I’m using this analogy to point out the harm forced systems can and will inflict hardships on the populous under any form of a dictatorial government. Premier Notley when you state this policy is going to be implemented no matter what that I believe represents dictatorship.

Again I appeal to you to reconsider how you formulate your policies and implement them. I recognize you having spent 25 years desiring to apply this policy and believe you’re saving the province and populous by doing so. This open letter to you is my way of asking for caution to be exercised rather than ego and opportunity of power to instill your belief.

I thank you for having an ear to hear my appeal and pray it touches you. This letter is just the opinion of a small Alberta businessman.


Robert Rombough




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Yeshua, as a Watchman. This I pray for all. ” Our Heavenly Father brings us to the river which bringeth forth fruit so we may partake of its sustenance and be filled spiritually with nurturing wisdom and humble dedication in service to Yeshua. “Blessings to All.” As you go forward in peace, knowledge, and strength
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