Does Our Personal Perspective Define Quality?

We all have a specific definition of what we expect in a product or service when it comes to quality in either. I for one expect a manufactured product to be flawless, reliable, easy to use and easily maintained. As a product I believe it should provide me with longevity in use without a deterioration of that Quality no matter the length of life of the product.

We have gone through a number of definitions which I believe sets the ground work for obtaining a level of Quality that can and should be used in the service industry. One factor that I am bringing forward in this equation is the human factor which must be considered as it plays such a significant role in the delivering of a Quality service unlike a manufactured product. I see a manufactured product as static, predictable and unwavering with a shelf life. Where general service of any kind is flexible fluid unpredictable and can waiver due to the human factor.

In all of my previous articles I have eluded to the human factor but never exposed it as a viable part of what effect it played in the consequences of the actions portrayed. Whereas in this article it plays a major role in the deliverance of service directly to clients at any level.

So the question is whether we can apply our personal definitions we use as a measuring stick for a manufactured product to a specific service which involves a human factor. The question then is are they interchangeable can we apply one definition to both elements?

I believe that a very high percentage of individuals do use the same definition of Quality in a manufactured product as their measuring stick and as well towards the deliverance of personal service within our service industries.

I do not believe our personal definition being used to identify Quality in manufactured products is transferable when it comes to defining Quality within the Service Industry. My reasoning is simple the Human Factor. We all know its impossible for an individual to perform flawlessly on a continuous basis, this I believe is the defining factor many forget when looking for Quality service on a personal level The Human Factor.

Certainly we will find exceptional individuals who provide a skilled level of service on a continuous basis but however not flawlessly. With that said I can get to the meat of this article which is to show how Our Personal Perspective influences our definition of Quality.

In my article “How Important is Service” I laid out my perspective of what Quality service I expect my contractors to provide when delivering our service

1) Based on Integrity

2) Provide impeccable Availability & Reliability

3) Complete Personable handling of client and associates..

Now in a manufactured product I expect it to be flawless, reliable, easy to use and easily maintained. As a product I believe it should provide me with longevity in use without a deterioration of that Quality no matter the length of service . Now with those in place it becomes viable for me to actually compare the two definitions in order to show how my Personal Perspectives really influence my Definition of Quality in manufactured products and Personal Service.

There are many ways to view Quality and how it is delivered, but more importantly what do we use as a measuring stick when evaluating Quality. I recognize that my perspective of Quality can be easily skewed by how I define it. So knowing that information, would it affect me as a professional when pursuing my business endeavors? What influence does it have on how I present myself? Does it influence how I consider approaching a prospective client or even an established client?

Perhaps these are questions we have set aside because we simply don’t believe them to be significant or an important influence when working. I believe we only apply these standards when we are obtaining service or purchasing a manufactured product. So if we analyze this whole scenario I believe we would find that our definitions of Quality fluctuates between services and manufactured goods but gets lost when we attempt to apply them to our careers.

However, I believe for those who will or have found success in their careers, have come to realize that by accepting their Personal Perspective towards Quality, has a significant influence on their approach to life, business and personal relationships will find themselves delivering a High Quality Service. It is through this recognition they create a third definition which is a blending of the first two, but takes into consideration the human factor and incorporates Integrity as a balance towards being flawless, humble and easy to deal with.

Again I remind you this is just my opinion, but has worked for me over the last 12 years as a small business Owner.



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