The clouds have completely shrouded our World and have not revealed all that is within their folds, as they swirl twist and settle into place.

I recognize there is confusion among those in my presence however I recognize this is quite widespread, there is an uneasy and unsettling feeling permeating the air I am sensing in my spirit a resentment towards the messages God is sending forth calling His children back to Him. I sense gross, absurd and overly high self esteem; vain pride in my presence and begin to wonder where and what God is leading me to find and see.

I remind you I am publishing these messages as a Watchman sounding his Trumpet as spiritual warnings of what has been shown through the Holy Spirit in scripture. My messages are for everyone to hear and read and whatever you as an individual decide to do with that information, is strictly up to you. The warnings are delivered without judgement or evangelizing they are simply messages for you to discern personally. I have been shown to publish them in a humanistic manner for many to discern in their own way. “So here goes”.

What was revealed is a great debate between worldly leaders, scholars and spiritual teachers with great fervor and discourse. What was disturbing was the debate was not in respect to the condition of peoples walk with God, but about a political position taken over legislation to be presented in Denominational schools throughout our province and how this legislation was going to affect a sector of students within those schools. I was shown and cautioned that worldly debates are not to be edified in my messages as they are a diversion from God’s words, and edification.

I’m too relate this message through the following story about a young person just turning into their early teens. Paul has just turned thirteen he’s full of life and confidence, believes he knows what life has to offer him and that he has the spiritual knowledge to understand how he’s going to live life. We find Paul visiting with a group of his peers and they are having a discussion on whether God is real or not. Paul is listening to one of his acquaintances state he sees his god everyday as he walks by a statue of a great sportsman and gentleman depicted as a statue in his honor. This statement aroused a number of questions in Paul; How do we know of God? What benefit is there to deny God’s existence? How could or what would influence and draw mankind from God’s Truth? The answers to these questions are in the first and second sounding of the Trumpet.

THE FIRST SOUNDING OF THE TRUMPETMans imaginations, speculations of God’s Sovereignty over mankind allowed them to voluntarily withdraw from His truth and adopt worldly wisdom. They created images of God in human form giving them human passions and called their idols hero’s, and protectors of mankind. 

Have we unknowingly condescended our beliefs to Professional Sports figures or Hollywood’s comic book hero’s accepting Myths as substitute god’s, figures on the screens, TV’s, computer’s and wireless devices as our Mythical hero Protectors as part of what we call entertainment, which allows us to Voluntarily walk away from God’s truth. “This represents a very slippery slope when truth is abandoned, the mind develops thousands of Vain, Foolish Fancies, Errors multiply cloud and darken intellectual powers and faculties, allowing mankind to profess to be wise they become fools.” (Quote taken from The Bethany Parallel Commentary on the New Testament by Matthew Henry commenting on his interpretation of Romans 1: v 21 to 27 supported by Adam Clarke’s Commentary on the same verses.) In doing so mankind opens the door to adopting “Worldly Truth instead of God’s Truth” and falls into deeper errors.

THE SECOND SOUNDING OF THE TRUMPET: So why does mankind question God’s Existence or His Deity, when they know by His works His very existence. They know Him as God because He Himself imprinted His very existence on our hearts. Even in unrighteousness mankind knows God because of the Works of Creation.

What benefit then to deny God’s existence? Mankind can now exist in Vanity and in their imaginations, thoughts, notions and speculations regarding God. So now when approached with God’s truth enter into foolishness and thoughtless action and ridicule and laugh at the messenger delivering the message, believing in only their wisdom. Stating that the being of God would not satisfy them. Feeling they were above God’s truth and fall into deeper errors. 

“Remember I am just the messenger here doing what the Lord has ask me to do so recognize there is no judgement or evangelizing in these messages. These warnings are given as a measuring stick for your interpretation of where you stand in your walk, what you do with the message is your choice”.

I pray that our Father in Heaven will bring discernment to all mankind and bless them with wisdom, courage and strength to go forward in God’s wisdom and peace, I pray in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ Savior of all mankind Amen and Amen    







About Yeshua's Watchman

Yeshua, as a Watchman. This I pray for all. ” Our Heavenly Father brings us to the river which bringeth forth fruit so we may partake of its sustenance and be filled spiritually with nurturing wisdom and humble dedication in service to Yeshua. “Blessings to All.” As you go forward in peace, knowledge, and strength
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