In 1993 the Lord pressed on my heart as His “WATCHMAN” to sound the “TRUMPET” and deliver His message calling His children to return to His teachings. The following is that specific message Titled “SIGNS and PERSECUTIONS” and was delivered as three separate lessons which our peers received as delivered but sadly was refuted by their leaders, elders, teachers and Pastors as they did not believe this time was at hand. I write these messages as a servant of our Lord Jeshua and His messenger who is not passing any judgment on any church or individual.

Due to the seriousness of our current events our Father has been pressing on my heart as a “WATCHMAN” to once again sound the “TRUMPET” and  re-deliver the three lessons as a warning, and as well deliver a new warning to His children which he has been pressing on me for some time. Initially I was not able to interpret it until recently. Once I have re-delivered the “SIGNS AND PERSECUTIONS” lessons I will present the new message as a “WATCHMAN”  sounding  the “TRUMPET”  heralding a new Call and warning to His Children to return to His teachings and walk.

The first SOUNDING OF THE “TRUMPET” Calling His Children Back to Him was delivered as a lesson in 1993 as follows:

From Matthew 24:32. 33 & 35

In verse 32 the Lord is comparing us to a fig tree whose branches are yet young and putting forth leaves, He is drawing our attention to the fact that the events which are about to take place were predicted and will come to pass. The parable is revealing God has begun His work by preparing our hearts to receive this knowledge and will continue doing His work.

In verse 33 through the parable we can recognize the practical application of the foretold predictions because knowing that the Kingdom of God is near we must expect and prepare for these events. The Lord clearly states this generation will not pass till these events have been fulfilled.

Some believe this to mean the ruin of the Jewish nation, some believe it to mean the whole would be fulfilled within the limits of the generation then current, others believe it to mean the generation then existing would not pass away without seeing a begun fulfillment, one thing we know the facts correspond no matter what is believed.

In verse 35 Christ is assuring us of the certainty of these events when He states “Heaven and Earth shall pass away; but my words shall not pass away”. Which we believe is the strongest possible expression of the divine authority by which Christ spoke these words. So in knowing this information we turn to the parable of the Ten Virgins in Matthew 25: 1-13 to what depth our preparation should be.

The Lord uses the analogy of a Jewish marriage where it is sometimes a custom that the Groom would come, accompanied by friends late in the night to the house of the Bride where she expected him accompanied by her bridesmaids; who upon notice given of the grooms approach, were to go out with lamps in their hands, to light him into the house with ceremony and formality in order to celebrate the nuptials with great joyousness.

We see that in this parable the bride does not come into view at all, it is the Virgins and the Groom. The groom being the Lord Jesus Christ and the virgins, those who profess to be members of the church and represent themselves as her companions.

This brings us to the first indication of what it is we are to be doing in order to meet the Groom. We recognize that in order to meet Him we need to be children of light (attendants upon Christ) to do Him honor. The second point is to be always ready for His second coming so we might like the brides attendants go forth with our lights shining to attend the Groom, thus doing Him honour  and service.

In Matthew 25: 2 we see our Lord revealing there are those of the same profession and denomination who may be vastly different characters in the sight of God. He reveals this when He points out that five of the
Ten Virgins are wise and five are foolish. We must note here the Lord does not label them good or bad (Matt. 7:25-27).

In Matthew 25:3 we are given an opportunity to learn what the lamp and oil represent. Through the actions of the wise virgins we are able to ascertain the lamps represent our profession of being a child of light waiting to attend the Lord.

We are able to determine through the foolish virgins lack of preparation that the oil represents the actual existence of “grace within”, which alone would stand at the Lords coming. So we see this supply of oil representing the “supply of the Spirit of Jesus Christ” which as it is the source of the new spiritual life at the first, it is also the secret of its enduring character. It is the possession of this oil which makes “the wise” to be “ready” for the arrival of the Groom and fit “to go in with Him to the marriage”

We believe it shows the foolish are lacking righteousness and are holding a lamp of profession but do not have in their hearts what is necessary to carry them through the labour and trials which they are about to face. It shows they have no prospect of nor have made provision  for what is to come. The Lamps they hold are for show, and they themselves lack oil for later use (1 Timothy 6:19, note: oil cannot re-light a lamp that has gone out but will keep it burning)

We believe grace is the oil which we must have while the Groom tarried. We also hear a caution that we do not look at things as they are complete or are about to become complete, it only appears that Christ seems to tarry yet He really does not. This is a warning which we should pay particular attention too. Even though it appears the Lord is tarrying past our time, we must remember, He will not tarry past the due time.

So the caution is for us not to grow careless and forgetful of what it is we are waiting to attend to. It is here we see the true value of the parable of the Fig Tree. As the Lord has awakened our hearts to the knowledge He has begun His work and will continue it. We also are brought  to the understanding Christ will come when He pleases to show His sovereignty and will not let us know when, in order to teach us what our duty is.

That duty being our willingness to prepare ourselves to be attendants ready to welcome Him at His arrival. This speaks of an actual preparation for the Groom’s coming, even for those who are prepared for death. It warns we must all be continuously searching our hearts for a vain confidence, or conceit of goodness of our state, and our readiness for another world.


About Yeshua's Watchman

Yeshua, as a Watchman. This I pray for all. ” Our Heavenly Father brings us to the river which bringeth forth fruit so we may partake of its sustenance and be filled spiritually with nurturing wisdom and humble dedication in service to Yeshua. “Blessings to All.” As you go forward in peace, knowledge, and strength
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